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Bleak House Readalong: March 2018 - Sept 2019

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ScribblyGum Sun 04-Mar-18 09:43:24

Some of us are doing this on the 50 books thread so I thought I would start a separate discussion thread.

Inspired by Books and Things on YouTube, aim is to read Bleak House in the time frame in which it was published, so reading 3-4 chapters per month starting in March this year and finishing in September of next.

I’ve linked the original YouTube video (she is really really excited about Bleak House grin), Katie also has chapter discussion threads on her good reads page, and a picture of the chapters and the months in which they are to be read.

MyNameIsNotSteven Sun 04-Mar-18 09:44:26

Ooh, I've only just re-read it but would happily read it again.

ScribblyGum Sun 04-Mar-18 09:48:32

It’s that good is it MyNameIsNotSteven?

mamapants Sun 04-Mar-18 12:30:51

I'd love to join you on here scribbly
Haven't started yet.
Think it should be a fun way of doing it.

Nuffaluff Sun 04-Mar-18 12:56:13

That is such a great idea. I’m going to get a copy of eBay and join you. Will this be like a discussion thread?
I’ve not read it, but have read quite a few of his novels. A few years ago I started reading one Dickens a year, but only kept it up for about five years.
I’ve read Oliver Twist, Hard Times (hated it), The Old Curiosity Shop, Nicholas Nickleby, A Tale of two Cities, Great Expectations , David Copperfield ( my absolute favourite!), and that’s it. Blimey, more than I thought!
Also tried to read The Pickwick Papers, but i thought it was awful.

Nuffaluff Sun 04-Mar-18 12:57:13

Sorry, just seen you said it was a discussion thread!

Piggywaspushed Sun 04-Mar-18 18:35:11

Reporting for duty scribbly grin

Obediently read two chapters : will do chapter 3 next weekend .

I have the Wordsworth version which has the chapter numbers in their serialised sequence at the front which usefully saved me printing/ remembering/ writing it down! And , oh my, the typeface is teeny weeny!

Piggywaspushed Sun 04-Mar-18 18:36:24

nuff have you not done A Christmas Carol?? It's refreshingly short!

mamapants Sun 04-Mar-18 18:46:40

I've read the first chapter, think it might be a struggle to keep to the schedule, I was really tempted to keep going. Seemed instantly engaging, unlike Tale of Two Cities which I have been plodding through slowly.

Piggywaspushed Sun 04-Mar-18 19:16:24

I read Tale of Two Cities recently. It gets better, I thought and I was really quite moved by the end. It doesn't feel very Dickensian though.

But the first two chapters are bemusingly bad (other than the famous first lines!)

ChessieFL Sun 04-Mar-18 19:18:44

I want to read more Dickens, and haven’t read Bleak House before, but not sure I will be able to stick to the schedule - like a pp said I think I will want to keep going! Will start off with chapters 1-4 and see how it goes.

mamapants Sun 04-Mar-18 19:21:32

I will try and get back to it piggy its just been tidied away by DP and I haven't been back to retrieve it since about six months ago
I was kind of enjoying it but not as much as others of his I've read. Glad to hear it gets better.

MyNameIsNotSteven Sun 04-Mar-18 19:28:33

A Take of Two Cities is my absolute favourite. I love Sidney Carton. I recently read Little Dorrit and David Copperfield too.

Nuffaluff Sun 04-Mar-18 19:59:26

Got it out the library today! When are we going to discuss it?
piggy. No, not read any of the Christmas books on account of just having to read them just before Christmas. That takes planning! Any other time of year would be just plain wrong.

Piggywaspushed Sun 04-Mar-18 20:37:37

Oh I have to teach it nuff. the programme of study declares we start teaching it in January. Because that makes sense.

Nuffaluff Sun 04-Mar-18 20:52:03

Noooooo. I couldn’t cope with that.

Palegreenstars Mon 05-Mar-18 10:08:53

Booktube and mumsnet crossing paths is so random for me as I love them both (separately).

I like the sound of this - such a long time though.

Is it true Dickens under edited to make the word count for each edition when we wrote like that? I’ve only read Great Expectations which I loved so will be interesting to see how it changes the experience

Ladydepp Mon 05-Mar-18 13:01:04

I would love to join. I have just purchased a rather beautiful hardback copy, I can hardly bear to open it! I definitely won't be reading it in the bath grin.

ScribblyGum Mon 05-Mar-18 19:12:43

This is great. Very glad to have a few fellow readers. Probably simplest if we discuss the month's reading the following month.

FinallyHere Mon 05-Mar-18 19:17:37

Oh, I'm in. I've always meant to read it. It was on the syllabus when I did A-level English (1978). I loved all the books (other than BH) and managed to do reasonably well. Have always felt a bit guilty at nit having read BH, so this encouragement is perfect, thank you very kindly.

Toomuchsplother Tue 06-Mar-18 21:11:39

I am in. Read all 4 chapters at the weekend - which may have been a mistake as now I am worried I will have forgotten the plot and characters by the time I start again!! Will try and stick to the schedule but I am quite an impatient reader at times.
This is a good one way to ease me back to Dickens . We have had a bit of a love hate relationship in the past

Nuffaluff Sun 11-Mar-18 11:49:23

I’ve read the first four chapters now. Liked all the court stuff and I liked the Lady Dedlock chapter. I must say I struggled a bit with Dickens’ blatant sexist attitude. Perfect Esther. The Mrs Jellaby chapter was worst where Dickens couldn’t be more transparent - women, know your place!
I can’t help getting annoyed with it, but it’s not like I don’t know what to expect.
Overall, enjoying it so far.

Piggywaspushed Sun 11-Mar-18 18:54:49

Bloody hell, I forgot my two chapters this weekend! Been too busy being a) knackered b) in pain c) car shopping.

Back on to it tomorrow perhaps!!

tortelliniforever Sun 11-Mar-18 19:00:30

Sounds good! I'm in. I've never read it but absolutely loved the BBC version

mamapants Tue 13-Mar-18 21:04:01

I've read the second chapter today. Trying to figure out whether its best to read the whole section in one go or spread it out.
Its a shame its not more like four chapters a week.

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