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"Can Any Mother Help Me?" anyone else related?

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NappyValley Mon 30-Apr-07 20:50:00

Hi I know this book has been discussed before, but hopefully a few more Mners ahve read this fab book now.

It is the one advertised at the top of the page.

"A group of intelligent British mothers, desperate to find like- minded women with whom to share problems and discuss children, marriage, work, and friendship... Mumsnet 2007? No, the CCC, a magazine established in 1935."

I am the grand daughter of one of the members of the CCC and wondered whether any other MNers have CCC roots?

I am just as blunt and outspoken as my gran though!!! :0)

fransmom Mon 30-Apr-07 20:52:18

don't know but your nan sounds a laugh then!

MrsSpoon Mon 30-Apr-07 20:53:27

Wow, I am reading the book just now, are you willing to reveal which CCC member?

Marina Mon 30-Apr-07 20:53:33

How proud of her you must be
No CCC connection for me I'm afraid but I'll be interested to hear if anyone else has one!

Prunerli Mon 30-Apr-07 21:03:18

Can I just hijack?
Do we get a discount? Looks like a brilliant book.

NappyValley Mon 30-Apr-07 21:05:57

I am Roberta's grand daughter. I have only just started the book, although I was aware of the CCC and of jenna's work.
Mum gave me the book for Easter. Really enjoying it - well done Jenna.

Marina Mon 30-Apr-07 21:06:41

Check the ad at the top prunerli

NappyValley Mon 30-Apr-07 21:06:49

Pru according to advert as a MNer we get £4 off.

Pruni Mon 30-Apr-07 21:07:45

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 30-Apr-07 21:08:53

Oh, sorry prunerli...I did think the discount was in that ad. It's on the site somewhere, she says helpfully

NappyValley Mon 30-Apr-07 21:11:45

call 01206 255 777 with your card details and quote 'mumsnet'. Offer ends 30/6/07

apparently, but not sure what happens when you call the number.

MrsSpoon Mon 30-Apr-07 21:12:01

Wow NappyValley, that's fab, I've got them all muddled up in my mind at the moment so can't distinctly remember who Roberta is but they are all fantastic women but I will have a flick back through the book as I'm sure I have read her account.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 30-Apr-07 21:12:35

The discount is in the ad.

Pruni Mon 30-Apr-07 21:13:04

Message withdrawn

NappyValley Tue 01-May-07 20:38:54

I love the way these women were so honest and discussed topics that were so taboo in those days. And were from such varied backgrounds and beliefs.

Roberta went to live in Switzerland for quite a while (where my mum grew up). I can imaging that the magazine was a little bit of home, when away in a strange country.

ProfYaffle Tue 08-May-07 11:42:11

I've just finished reading this book, it was amazing. The last few pages with Cotton Goods last letters just before she died had me in floods of tears, especially when she was hallucinating she was back at her dc's infant school listening to the children sing. I found it indescribably moving, a dieing old lady re-visiting the times when her children were small. Shockingly poignant.

Also very powerful that we join these women when they were at the same stage of life as I (and most on MN) am at now then following them through to old age.

NappyValley - you must be really proud of your gran.

NappyValley Tue 08-May-07 15:52:29

The more I read the more amazed I am them. My gran always had a very active imagination and could always find the positive to every situation.

It is kind of freaky reading about your own mother's birth though!!!

Whizzz Thu 10-May-07 21:28:27

This is a book I want to read, it does look fascinating

Pruni Thu 10-May-07 21:29:43

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Thu 10-May-07 21:30:49

No I couldn't either Pruni

Pennies Thu 10-May-07 21:32:00

Whizzzzz - i have a spare copy. I'll send it to you if you like.

treacletart Thu 10-May-07 21:34:37

Looking forward to finishing my copy on holiday next week I'm really enjoying it - how wonderful to have such an insight into you grandmothers thoughts. I'm sure most people don't get to know anything of their grandparents personalities.

Whizzz Thu 10-May-07 21:49:45

Wow - are you sure Pennies ?????

Whizzz Thu 10-May-07 21:53:50

Whizzz_123 (at) if you want to mail me I'll give you some money for it or make you some jewellery in return !

Pennies Thu 10-May-07 23:16:04

whizzz - you have mail

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