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1 book a week

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mumof2sarah Tue 02-Jan-18 21:53:28

So I had this challenge in 2017 and I started really well but stuff got in the way and I didn't get as many read as I'd have liked. I'm currently looking for a new book shelving unit as I have tuns of them and they're stuck under the bed. Transforming a corner in my room with a little armchair to sit and read properly 🙏🏻 my plan is from now on when the kids go to bed at 7 have half hour sorting what ever needs sorting and then from 7:30 til bed I'm going to read. TV and downstairs will be going off. I always feel like I'm more settled and insomnia always feels less problematic when I read instead of screen time. I've moved my phone charger port to the other side of the room so I don't keep picking that up too. I will get myself back into reading. I've just started a book I've read before about two friends who take it in turn planning dates going off letters off the alphabet I enjoyed it first time around so can't wait to finish it again x

MsAmerica Sun 07-Jan-18 23:12:22

That sounds wonderful! Do you allow yourself to snack in the armchair?

mumof2sarah Mon 08-Jan-18 17:22:23

Hi @MsAmerica I have been known to nibble on a Scottish shortbread biscuit every now and again 👍🏻wink but I'm trying to not eat anything after a certain time. I'm suffering from bad insomnia so I'm sticking to water and just a biscuit or two instead x

Piggywaspushed Sat 13-Jan-18 07:27:02

Hi mum I think you are on the 50 book thread too? I find that (although some of it is a bit intimidating) the 'supportive competition' keeps me going so now I am absolutely determined to read Middlemarch whereas before I might have given up.

On another thread someone suggested numbering your books and then when you have nearly finished one getting someone to randomly select a number so you can choose what to read next! I am doing that as otherwise I keep delaying reading some of the ridiculously expensive books I have.

I am enjoying getting back to reading instead of staring at a TV screen!

I am a teacher though so sometimes I am just too tired, or a huge pile of marking calls to me... maybe that needs to be counted as a book!!

PandaPacer Sat 13-Jan-18 07:43:14

Great idea, I am trying to watch less TV this year too and am aiming for 52 books in 2018, so one a week!

One thing I found that worked for me in 2017 (54 books done!) was reading two books at once - one classic/hard slog and one easier. On the bus on the way to and from work I read the hard slog, and also for the earlier part of the night. When I feel like I can't go on, I switch to the easier read.

For example ATM I am reading Emma as the hard slog (not that hard I know!) and And Then There Were None by old Agatha as the easy read.

mumof2sarah Sat 13-Jan-18 07:44:37

Hi @Piggywaspushed I am but no one ever really replies to mine, I think it's my reading style etc and it's got to me a bit, my anxiety doesn't cope well with that sort of thing. I'm struggling to pick up book #3 but I will get there eventually. They idea sounds like a good one xx

Piggywaspushed Sat 13-Jan-18 07:49:54

I always say to kids at school, it doesn't matter what you read, so long as you are reading smile

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