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Sue Grafton has died

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Cocolepew Fri 29-Dec-17 20:15:46

She had been fighting cancer for 2 years but took unwell very quickly over the last couple of days.

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kateclarke Fri 29-Dec-17 21:11:30

I was just coming to post this. I an so very sad, loved her alphabet books.

BobbinThreadbare123 Fri 29-Dec-17 21:16:18

Gutted. These are some of the best crime books ever. Love Kinsey as a character.

NinaMarieP Fri 29-Dec-17 21:52:33

I haven't read Y yet but I'm gutted that the alphabet will end there. I hope Kinsey got a happy ending.

64BooLane Fri 29-Dec-17 21:55:53


I didn’t know she was ill. I haven’t caught up with that series in years, but thinking about it, they’re such an impressive body of work. Such a shame she didn’t get to Z sad

QueQueQue Fri 29-Dec-17 21:57:37

Love these books, just recommended them to someone on here the other day.
Didn't even know she was ill very sad

QueQueQue Fri 29-Dec-17 22:01:36

Just read her daughter has said ...
“She was adamant that her books would never be turned into movies or TV shows,” her daughter wrote, “and in that same vein, she would never allow a ghost writer to write in her name. Because of all of those things, and out of the deep abiding love and respect for our dear sweet Sue, as far as we in the family are concerned, the alphabet now ends at Y.”

CinnamonSweet73 Fri 29-Dec-17 22:03:53

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, I have great affection for her books

ColonelJackONeil Fri 29-Dec-17 22:05:34

Oh dear, my Dh loves her books he will be sad there's no Z

Toomanycats99 Fri 29-Dec-17 22:06:18

Oh no - I love those books.

Cocolepew Fri 29-Dec-17 22:43:46

It's so sad, they are amongst my favourite books.
Kinsey was on my names list for DD1.

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metalmum15 Fri 29-Dec-17 22:46:56

Nooo! Surely not? I didn't realise she was ill. I'm only up to W. 😐

Kuriusoranj Fri 29-Dec-17 23:45:20

So sad, I also didn't know she was so ill. I love Kinsey, she's so singular. Great quote about the movies and ghost writing - that's a refreshing position to take, she must have had offers.

Bloodybridget Fri 29-Dec-17 23:59:25

I just saw the news on the Guardian website and came here to post. I'm really sad, I've been reading her Kinsey Milhone novels from the start. Great humour and a strong feminist character.

GuinefortGrey Sat 30-Dec-17 14:57:21

I'm so, so sad. I absolutely loved the Alphabet books and adore Kinsey, it sounds ridiculous I know, but I really felt like she was my friend and I spent so many happy hours in her company enjoying reading about her adventures and her life.

I was actually sort of dreading getting to "Z", knowing that there would never be another and wondering how Sue would choose to wind-up the alphabet and our relationship with Kinsey (a definitive ending, happy or otherwise or open ended and forever wondering...). I'm not sure I would have been entirely satisfied with either tbh but am very sad I no longer have to worry about it.

Thank you Sue Grafton for so many hours of reading pleasure. I am truly grateful for having Kinsey in my life.

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