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Book journal of reads-advice please

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buckeejit Fri 29-Dec-17 11:17:17

I have a small book journal that was gifted to me years ago that I've yet to use. It's basically a blank notebook & I'd like to record books I've read. Mostly as a curio for my children I suppose.

Does anyone do this & if so, how?

I'm not sure if I should just include the books I really like, should I give them a rating, any sort of analysis & any other info. It seems a bit overwhelming if I start without a structure!

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Tiedie Fri 29-Dec-17 12:42:00

I've done this for a couple of years now. I write author, title and when I finished reading the book. I also rate the books, based on Goodreads star system. At first I wrote a really short summary - a couple of sentences, but then I stopped. I think I'll start doing that again though. It's great to remember what I 've read. And useful too-this morning I started reading a book on my kindle, thought it was familiar and looked in my book to find I'd read it a year ago!

MadamePince Fri 29-Dec-17 14:20:45

I'm planning on doing this for 2018.
I've got a nice ruled notebook and I'll do as you're planning and write a short review and the date I finished it.
I do write reviews on Goodreads sometimes, but I'm aware it could disappear one day, this seems more permanent.
My dad was a big reader and we used to like chatting and recommending each other books. He has passed away now and i'd love to find something like this of his. So I am doing it for my kids/grandchildren (call me silly, don't care grin)

buckeejit Fri 29-Dec-17 15:50:07

Exactly, if any of my loved ones were readers I'd love to read what they liked. Thanks for the info- I'll start with a shortlist of my favourites to date in no order 😀

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bootygirl Sat 30-Dec-17 12:49:26

I am going to do this my ds bought me a journal (nothing too fancy) but I d like to use it for this. So that he knows I used it!

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