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Kindle 8 book applications

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shinny Wed 27-Dec-17 19:29:10

My DC got a Kindle 8 for Christmas and I bought Epic to download BUT it doesn't work so have requested a refund. Think it only works on the Kindle Fire. Ive spoken to their help several times but they kept giving me instructions on how to use Epic for Kindle Fire so not much use really.

Rather than me pay for a book each time one is agreed upon, does anyone know of a suitable alternative to Epic? Im after a decent selection of books for an 8 year old. Rather than trawling through amazon each time a book is needed.

Also Ive set up the Kindle so its off my amazon account but that gives access to all my books - this is ok but a bit cumbersome - so do you normally set up a separate account for your DCs Kindle ? Crikey Im not even sure I know how to do that.

Would be pleased to hear what anyone else has done.

TIA and Merry Christmas or probably Happy New Year now!

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