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Recommendations for non fiction Christmas presents

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TidyTinsel Wed 20-Dec-17 00:33:34

I get a lot of fiction at my local library and rarely reread books. I do enjoy receiving books for Christmas and I am more likely to reread or dip in and out of non fiction, so I am thinking to ask for something along those lines for Christmas. What are your favourite non fiction books from this year?

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JoyceDivision Wed 20-Dec-17 00:39:49

Atlas obscura

Very interesting!

FannyFezziwig Wed 20-Dec-17 07:31:07

Folio Society Book of Days

TidyTinsel Wed 20-Dec-17 18:47:21

The book of days sounds like something I'd find interesting. The atlas obscura would probably suit someone who enjoys travelling, so perhaps not one for me!

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Capelin Wed 20-Dec-17 22:22:17

OP, there’s a recent thread in this section called “Any recommendations for good non fiction books?” which is worth a look.

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