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Winter solstice

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TheBiscuitStrikesBack Thu 23-Nov-17 16:40:53

I have just finished Rosamund Piltchers ‘winters solstice’ and loved it. Found it oddly soothing. Can anyone recommend a similar, nice, read?

snozzlemaid Fri 24-Nov-17 20:53:25

Have you read any other of hers?
They're all similar nice, pleasant reads.

TheBiscuitStrikesBack Sat 25-Nov-17 15:03:11

Really? I’ll have a nose. Thank you!

CarbyDiem Sat 25-Nov-17 15:07:56

I love this. Read it every December.

snozzlemaid Sat 25-Nov-17 17:04:29

The Shell Seekers is the best of hers.

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