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Book club secret santa

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fatowl Tue 07-Nov-17 13:13:50

Help required here because my imagination has gone AWOL

Our book club does a secret santa on a theme - this year the theme is "sparkly."
The person I have been given is lovely and I'd like to get her something nice, but I honestly can't think of anything. She doesn't drink (or I'd have bought a decent bottle of sparkling wine) Anything else seems a bit tacky.
Budget 15-20 pounds

Also- there is a random book gift swap, the idea being you buy one of your favourite books, wrap it, and they are randomly given out - you never know what you'll end up with.
What would you get?

Damia Tue 07-Nov-17 13:16:51

Nails kit with some sparkly polish?

Damia Tue 07-Nov-17 13:20:59

Oh and my favourite book series has always been the wheel of time by Robert Jordan but it's not everyone's genre smile

Wormulonian Wed 08-Nov-17 17:12:53

Piece of silver jewellery with a sparkler in it i.e.cubic zirconia?
You could pop the gift receipt in with it so she could exchange it (although not earrings I think)

Buy a sparkly gift box and fill with really good chocolates (perhaps from a local maker) or any other gift you think the recipient might like. The card factory have really cheap glitter gift boxes in silver, blue and gold

Lots of sequinned cushions around this time of year - risk as it may not be her taste but I always pop a gift receipt in and then it can be exchanged for something else. Would work for M&S (always buy food).

For the book I would stick to the brief and get one of your favourites - if you like it then someone else probably will. You choose a nice edition perhaps with illusrations , annotations or a nice cover.

Wormulonian Thu 09-Nov-17 19:02:59

You could buy a book such as F.Scott Fitzgerald's "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz" or Penguin Classics Clothbound - Vanity Fair by Thackery has a cover illustrated with diamonds.

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