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Dan Brown - Origin

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RhinoGirl Sat 21-Oct-17 10:47:22

I bought this yesterday, as a fan of his previous books. I eagerly looked forward to reading it.... all the way through it, it just seems a bit... meh?
I don’t know why, I just don’t really like it and it feels very different to the others. Anyone else?

CoteDAzur Sat 21-Oct-17 10:48:09

The last 2 were rubbish. I don’t think I’ll bother with this one.

RhinoGirl Sat 21-Oct-17 14:47:47

I liked Inferno. This one just seems different but I can’t figure out why.

fatowl Sat 21-Oct-17 15:37:13

I enjoyed DVC and Angels and Demons.

I thought the Lost Symbol was boring and Inferno was awful.

I don't think I'll bother with this one to be honest.

gabsdot Mon 23-Oct-17 20:00:37

I tried 3 times to read inferno and I gave up each time. I couldn't even get through the movie.
I'll give Origin a miss I think

CorpsemoranShriek Fri 27-Oct-17 19:17:38

Just finished it on audible - and got a refund.

Sry k with it, but long-winded, formulaic, obvious and tedious would be my review.

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