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50 dead men walking - Marty McGartland

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MycatsaPirate Wed 11-Oct-17 16:31:06

And Dead man Running.

I read the first book in a day and half way through the second.

True account of a man recruited by Special Branch to infiltrate the IRA during the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland. Gives really good background on what things were like as a Catholic living in those times, both the intimidation by the RUC and the British Army as well as the punishments doled out by the IRA for perceived wrong doings.

The second book covers his life on the mainland and how he was betrayed by the British authorities and MI5 and sold out to the IRA.

Really great read if you like true stories and looking back at the history of these times.

MaitreKarlsson Wed 11-Oct-17 17:29:48

Sounds good, thanks for the recommendations. Liked 'Stakeknife' when I read it a while back.

RightOnTheEdge Thu 12-Oct-17 18:20:11

I read 50 dead men walking years ago when I was going out with a Northern Irish man.
Didn't the author get shot a few years ago?

MycatsaPirate Thu 12-Oct-17 20:28:01

Yes, he was shot 7 times in the chest, stomach, legs and hand and somehow survived. It was an IRA attack.

I have just finished his second book and then googled him as I am quite fascinated by the whole thing. What's quite frightening is the fact that he is still a target. That there are still lots of targets for the IRA.

The peace process may be in place but somehow I feel that things are just simmering away and the troubles were never really over for those in Northern Ireland.

Also saw that 50 Dead Men Walking has been made into a film so I will have to find it and watch it.

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