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If dd loved Cold Comfort Farm...

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noitsnotteatimeyet Fri 08-Sep-17 18:54:19

What else might she like? She's 14 and a voracious reader

EmilyAlice Fri 08-Sep-17 18:56:40

Nancy Mitford? The Pusuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate might work.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Fri 08-Sep-17 18:58:42

Definitely The Pursuit of Love.

I Capture the Castle?

Some PG Wodehouse, if it was the humour she liked?

noitsnotteatimeyet Fri 08-Sep-17 19:10:59

Thanks - I'd forgotten about Nancy Mitford - I loved those when I was her age. Yes it was the humour she liked but I think she was also rather taken with Flora Poste's character

HerSymphonyAndSong Fri 08-Sep-17 19:17:29

Molly Keane?
Dorothy L Sayers?

LadyPeterWimsey Fri 08-Sep-17 19:33:51

Yy to Mitford, I Capture the Castle and Sayers (of course grin).

I think Georgette Heyer is very funny, if she doesn't object to romance (maybe start with The a Grand Sophy if she liked Cold Comfort Farm). Three Men in a Boat, Wodehouse and Bill Bryson are funny.

Austen, if she hasn't read any.

Peggysue14 Wed 13-Sep-17 15:32:32

Have a look at Sisters by a River by Barbara Comyns and Angel by Elizabeth Taylor.

MaybeDoctor Fri 15-Sep-17 19:47:26

The Diary of a Provincial Lady
E.M Delafield


UrsulaPandress Fri 15-Sep-17 19:48:18

Came on to say I Capture the Castle.

Taytotots Fri 29-Sep-17 06:20:36

Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society? Also agree with Mitford (maybe 'love in a cold climate', Wodehouse and I capture suggestions above.

HoneyWheeler Fri 29-Sep-17 06:33:56

This is like my favourite thread ever! Yes definitely Mitford, and maybe even Evelyn Waugh? He's very funny too. There is a sequel to Cold Comfort Farm too I believe, published much later. Conference at Cold Comfort Farm, or something like that?

BarchesterFlowers Fri 29-Sep-17 06:41:05

Love on a branch line here.

elkiedee Fri 06-Oct-17 22:40:49

When I first read Cold Comfort Farm, probably in my teens, I had no idea that Stella Gibbons had written lots of other novels. Rather than Conference at Cold Comfort Farm (which I found in the library one day in an old edition, then acquired the 21st century paperback reprint (Vintage I think), I suggest her book Nightingale Wood, published by Virago Modern Classics.

All the suggestions above - I also just suggested I Capture the Castle on another thread.

Jane Gardam - her early books were originally published as children's/YA and since in covers which match her other novels sold for adults. A Long Way From Verona and Bilgewater.

Nancy Mitford's younger sister Jessica wrote two memoirs, and I recommend the first, Hons and Rebels, a slightly different but also witty perspective on their childhood in a completely crazy aristocratic family.

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