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Half of a Yellow Sun

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chonky Mon 02-Apr-07 20:12:02

I've just finished it, and loved it. I was just windering whether anyone else had read it? That's it really.

michaelad Mon 02-Apr-07 20:13:19

it's on my list of books to read! So it's good then?

chonky Mon 02-Apr-07 21:32:13

fantastic - best book I've read so far this year

BellaBear Mon 02-Apr-07 21:34:42

I've read it - it was brilliant and taught me about a period of history I had never heard of before so interesting too. brought up so many issues.

michaelad Tue 03-Apr-07 16:38:29

Ok, will read it as soon as I've finished "The Meaning of night" then. Might take a while though..quite a big book

bossykate Tue 03-Apr-07 16:42:12

really marvellous - she is a genius.

chonky Wed 04-Apr-07 20:33:08

Have any of you read Purple Hibiscus (her first book)? I'm thinking of having an amazon splurge

BellaBear Thu 05-Apr-07 08:53:26

I haven't read any of her others but I intend to!

Sorry, that's not particularly helpful, is it?

mummytosteven Sat 21-Jul-07 21:17:18

depressing but very good. I've read purple hibiscus, it's shorter and flows better, but I think the characterisation is better in Half of a yellow sun

rosmerta Sun 22-Jul-07 10:19:48

We read this in our book club recently, took me a while to get into but then really enjoyed it. Am going to read her first one now

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