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Any author as good as Chris Carter pls?

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Serialweightwatcher Sun 27-Aug-17 12:51:03

I love serial killer type books and could never find anything good enough to hold my attention well, until I found Chris Carter's books - they are my type of book ... now I can't find anyone in the same league and think I've ruined myself for future reading. If anyone knows of anyone who writes in a similar way, please could you share. Thanks so much.

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cdtaylornats Sun 27-Aug-17 14:48:51

I enjoyed

The Reaper - Steven Dunne
14 - J. T. Ellison
Birdman - Mo Hayder
Punishment - Anne Holt
Broken Souls - J.A. Kerley
A Cold Dark Place - Gregg Olsen
Vigilante - Kerry Wilkinson
all of Karin Slaughter
all of Stuart MacBride
all of Peter May

Serialweightwatcher Sun 27-Aug-17 18:53:36

Thank you so much - out of the list I have read Birdman which was quite good but still didn't grip me enough - will take a look at the others. Thanks for answering

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