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2017 Hugo Awards

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slightlyglittermaned Fri 11-Aug-17 23:31:50

Just saw that the awards have gone out for the Hugos - does anyone who's been paying attention have any recommendations?

Because of the whole Rabid Puppy debacle I'm now a bit wary of what I pick up from the nominations.

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MsAmerica Sat 12-Aug-17 20:31:10

Can you provide a hint of what the tantalizing phrase "Rabid Puppy" refers to, for ignorant people like me?

slightlyglittermaned Sun 13-Aug-17 00:32:33

This summarises it: Basically, the Hugo awards are meant to be voted on by fans. A bunch of people who took a dislike to the number of successful women/minority winners figured they could stack the nominations with "their" candidates(Sad Puppies) an even more extreme lot jumped in (Rabid Puppies, real live Nazis), and one year almost no awards were given because fans went "fuck you Nazis" and voted for no award, lots of authors withdrew, etc etc.

But it sounds like it got better this year?

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