Books that make you cry

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channelthirtytwo Sat 05-Aug-17 19:26:51

Finished One last Summer at hideaway Bay in floods of tears and its left me wanting to read more emotional books. What are your top tips for tearjerkers please?

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thepatchworkcat Sat 05-Aug-17 19:29:02

The Time Traveller's Wife made me cry loads!

nibblingfingernails Sat 05-Aug-17 19:40:24

Me before you made me howl - have never cried at a book before.

FreakinDeacon Sat 05-Aug-17 19:42:57

A Thousand Splendid Suns
the Timekeeper
Me before You

Wheresthattomoibabber Sat 05-Aug-17 19:47:33

Me before you.

tobee Sat 05-Aug-17 19:51:57

The Right Stuff. On the tube to work. Many years ago.

JennyLane Sat 05-Aug-17 19:57:45

Ps I love you. Breaks my heart every damn time!

Vanannabananna Sat 05-Aug-17 19:58:50

Chinese Cinderella. Pages are marked from me crying!

Doilooklikeatourist Sat 05-Aug-17 20:00:59

The lovely bones
When she meets her dog again ( I don't even like dogs )

muggymum Sat 05-Aug-17 20:07:52

Thousand splendid suns 😢😢

Mupflup Sat 05-Aug-17 20:11:03

A Little Life. The most heart wrenching thing I have read, I spent an entire Sunday in bed sobbing. Be warned though, it is utterly harrowing and unrelenting and I know a lot of people didn't like it. It stayed with me for weeks afterwards, I couldn't pick up another book.

Spam88 Sat 05-Aug-17 20:18:48

The Fault In Our Stars, but frankly it made me cry too much. Also I cried for most of the last book of His Dark Materials.

CQ Sat 05-Aug-17 20:24:28

Just finished A Little Life yesterday Mupflup - harrowing and unrelenting is spot on, but isn't it brilliant? I've never been so utterly drawn in and absorbed by characters. It's a similar feel to the Donna Tartt novels but SO much easier to read, I found. I was devastated by the end and now feel bereft. Keep thinking about it.

Other books that made me weep:
The Light between Oceans
My Sister's Keeper - the movie was rubbish but I defy anyone who's ever had a child in hospital to read this and remain dry-eyed
A Dog's Purpose
And agree with Me Before You and Birdsong, though they are poles apart in literary weight!

Havalina Sat 05-Aug-17 20:25:26

Randomly, Bag of bones by Stephen King if you fancy something a bit different

UnaPalomaBlanca Sat 05-Aug-17 20:28:14

Last act of love- Cathy Rentzenbrink. Not fiction.

CherriesInTheSnow Sat 05-Aug-17 20:29:34

All the Light We Cannot See broke something in me :/

MadMags Sat 05-Aug-17 20:33:05

The Great Gatsby
Me Before You
The Fault In Our Stars
The Pact
Harry Potter from book 3 onwards!
PS I Love You
Little Women
The Little Princess

God...loads more! I'm a cryer!

whenyouwish Sat 05-Aug-17 20:41:13

My sisters keeper and me before you.

Doilooklikeatourist Sat 05-Aug-17 20:58:56

Oh Little Women 💦Floods
I know it's a children's book , but..
the butterfly lion by Michael Morpurgo

Gone with the wind

TriskelArts Sat 05-Aug-17 21:00:18

AL Kennedy, So I Am Glad.

Greenteandchives Sat 05-Aug-17 21:04:51

Interestingly I have All the Light We Cannot See and The Light Between Oceans stacked up to read, sourced from charity shops. Looks like I had better choose the right time to read these.

RinonaWyder Sat 05-Aug-17 21:07:11

Marley and Me. I've sworn to never read it again as I was in such a mess!

Artistic Sat 05-Aug-17 22:28:50

The thornbirds. Heart breaker..

theredjellybean Sat 12-Aug-17 21:19:43

Little women

Also 'I don't know how she does it' by Alison Pearson... Cus the protagonist reminded myself so much of me, and I realised how awful life was making me feel... I still cry thinking about that realisation

hollyisalovelyname Sun 13-Aug-17 18:26:04

Gone With The Wind
The Lovely Bones

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