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Then she was gone. No spoilers please.

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Ineedagoodusername Wed 02-Aug-17 22:13:18

New Lisa Jewell! One of my favourite authors! Anyone reading it? Its quite disturbing.

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Ineedagoodusername Thu 03-Aug-17 16:39:03

No one else reading this!

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LondonMrsA Thu 03-Aug-17 17:18:20

I just read it in two days. My mind is blown and I cannot stop thinking about the characters.

Ineedagoodusername Thu 03-Aug-17 19:30:14

I can't put it down. It's amazing. I love the character of Laurel. It's not going to end well is it.

Shes such an amazing writer.

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LondonMrsA Thu 03-Aug-17 19:54:37

Incredible writing.

Frouby Thu 03-Aug-17 19:57:18

Read it in 2 days also. Loved loved loved it. Love Lisa Jewell. Such a clever author who creates such realistic characters with real human flaws.

I was supposed to save it for my holiday on monday. Glad I have read now tho, I would have been terrible company!

Ineedagoodusername Thu 03-Aug-17 20:25:33

I'm halfway through! Was also meant to save it for my holiday!

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Ineedagoodusername Fri 04-Aug-17 00:34:30

Finished it. Oh my goodness. So sad.

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Ineedagoodusername Fri 04-Aug-17 08:23:36

Need to talk about this now I've finished it!

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LondonMrsA Fri 04-Aug-17 15:27:24

Fire away.
I felt exactly the same.

Ineedagoodusername Fri 04-Aug-17 16:38:50


It was just great wasn't it. Really clever. And poignant. I knew from the start Ellie would have been locked in a basement and as a parent that's terrifying isn't it but realising it was coming made it even worse!

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LondonMrsA Fri 04-Aug-17 17:06:41


I just kept thinking about losing a child. I kept thinking about what kind of crazy effed up woman Noelle was.

When I read the line "after that, she did not open the door for some time..". I sobbed.

Ineedagoodusername Fri 04-Aug-17 17:30:47

Yes sad I guess she starved to death. Horrific. I thought Noelle was very well written.

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LondonMrsA Fri 04-Aug-17 17:35:11

Let that sink in for a moment.
Teenage girl. A whole wonderful life ahead of her.... a teen Mum. Really unwell. Then starving. Just wasting away. It totally broke my heart.

Ineedagoodusername Fri 04-Aug-17 17:47:17

I knowsad

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lemony7 Tue 08-Aug-17 11:40:39

Gah I've got to wait til the 17th to get this! (I'm an audiobook girl)

LondonMrsA Tue 08-Aug-17 14:56:26

Lemony7. Don't read our Spoilers!

Crispbutty Tue 22-Aug-17 00:56:02

Just finished it. Started it this morning and couldn't put it down. Best book I have read in ages.

LondonMrsA Tue 22-Aug-17 07:02:44

Goodness Crispbutty!
Glad you loved it as much as I did. x

hlc123 Sat 26-Aug-17 17:17:50

Read it in 2 days, still on my mind nearly 3 weeks later

ShowerGel9 Sat 26-Aug-17 17:23:21

Not read it...

is it written in first person? I tend to only read books written in first person.

Dontrocktheboat Sat 26-Aug-17 23:55:20

Just finished this in one day - I couldn't put it down, I have read all Lisa Jewell's books and her characters are so well drawn but this was one of the best and definitely the darkest!

The whole idea of the girl in the basement was just chilling, and the hamsters just added to the creepiness. And yes, heartbreaking.

uokhunni Thu 28-Sep-17 15:22:44

Omg I read this on holiday! I can't stop thinking about it. Brilliant book but a bit dark for me. I've read all of Lisa's books and have always liked her edgy style of writing but this going totally over to the dark side is while gripping, guaranteed to get me having nightmares. (Special snowflake I am!)

Mrsmadevans Thu 28-Sep-17 19:27:24

I am so glad I read this thread I have the book here ready to read and I think after reading your posts it is too dark for me . I was fine with 'the day she disappeared' by Christobel Kent but think this one is just too sad for me . Thank you!

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