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What food do you crave? Share by Monday 28 August for a chance to win the new book by GBBO's Martha Collison + a KitchenAid MINI stand mixer worth £449

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 31-Jul-17 09:57:53

Whether you've got a sweet or savoury tooth, we all know what it's like to really fancy a little (or large) bit of something. GBBO contestant Martha Collison's new book Crave is about just that - and we're asking you to share your cravings below for a chance to win.

We all know the feeling. What starts as an insignificant little niggle which grows into a demanding full-on craving. The kind that drags you out of bed in the middle of the night on a search for cheese, or causes you to break away from your desk in a desperate hunt for chocolate.

Crave is the second book from Sunday Times bestselling author and Great British Bake Off contestant, Martha Collison. Using inspired food science and delicious cuisine combinations, she provides go-to recipes incorporating eight flavours we so often find ourselves hankering for: chocolate, cheese, caramel, citrus, fruit, nut, spice – and alcohol!

These include ‘Instant’ recipes like lemon cheesecake pots, ‘Soon’ recipes that are ready to snaffle in under an hour, such as chilli chocolate churros, and you’ll also find ‘Worth the Wait’ recipes, which really are what they say on the tin... Creative, inspiring and imaginative, these are the recipes you just have to have.

For the first time since the introduction of the original Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in 1936, KitchenAid has launched a mini version of its iconic culinary workhorse. The KitchenAid MINI Stand Mixer, is 20% smaller and 25% lighter with a 3.3 litre bowl - perfect for smaller batch lifestyles!

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of the book plus a KitchenAid MINI stand mixer (worth £449) just tell us: what food or flavours do you crave most? Feel free to give examples of the ways you satisfy them e.g. what meals - even the more weird and wonderful ones!

Crave is out on 27 July - buy the book from Amazon for £16.99

*KitchenAid MINI stand mixer colour will be pink

This discussion is sponsored by HarperCollins and will close at end of day, Monday 28 August

Books T&Cs apply

OnMyShoulders Mon 31-Jul-17 10:02:49

Cake. Cake is my weakness. I have a sweet tooth and I think it's partly driven by exhaustion.

treaclesoda Mon 31-Jul-17 10:07:27

My all time favourite flavour is dark soy sauce. The stickier and thicker the better. The gooey salty taste.

I'd love someone to invent soy sauce flavoured crisps...

lauracomp13 Mon 31-Jul-17 14:57:49

Garlic.....mainly in the form of garlic bread. I could eat it all day long.....not sure my fiance would be too pleased about the smell though!

FridgeCut Mon 31-Jul-17 15:34:11

I often crave the sauce that comes with pot sticker dumplings at the noodle place.

Sairelou Mon 31-Jul-17 15:37:02

Chocolate, always chocolate.

Susangilley7 Mon 31-Jul-17 16:11:50

Am I odd to crave vegetable stir fry and rice. I love the lightness of it.

Rosehips Mon 31-Jul-17 16:30:35

Bread and (a thick coating of) butter

FawnDrench Mon 31-Jul-17 20:14:25

Crisply grilled Bacon roll in wholemeal bread, using expensive, thickly sliced proper smoked bacon.

I wake up craving this about once every 6 months and HAVE to have it for breakfast, even if it means a trip to the shops, even on a Sunday when they don't open till ten, as `I insist on decent bacon if the butchers is closed on the day I have my craving.

LadyDisick Mon 31-Jul-17 20:34:22

I have recently developed a NEED to eat ryvita topped with ham and cream cheese, and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce on a regular basis. Delicious.

More generally I crave anything salty. I enjoy sweet things but am much more likely to choose a salty, savoury option than a sweet treat.

peanutmum111 Mon 31-Jul-17 20:48:08

Its cottage pie, plenty of meat, creamy potato topping which has gone crispy brown.
I love some fresh salad with it, keeps it 'healthy' ? and light
Yum, yum

FlukeSkyeRunner Tue 01-Aug-17 07:22:41

Chocolate. Really good quality dark chocolate. The higher the percentage cocoa solids, the better. Aldi sell surprisingly good 85% cocoa solids stuff in packed with 5 individually wrapped blocked of 25g. Yum

busymummy0411 Tue 01-Aug-17 10:51:22

Chocolate cheesecake. And occasionally salt and pepper crisps.

PumpkinSpiceEverything Tue 01-Aug-17 17:21:08

Up north here it's turning chilly again at nights, and the American in me wants anything pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin mousse... if it's pumpkin and contains a hint of cinnamon... I need it!

Mummyoftwo91 Tue 01-Aug-17 20:11:58

Warm bread out the oven with lots of butter, anything that mixes salty and sweet like salted caramel brownies dribbles

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 01-Aug-17 20:21:49

It so depends on what has been going on in my life, after a night of drinking, pain au raisin goes down well, chocolate is a once a month crave, I guess more savoury than sweet, buttery mash potatoes always work well, with veg and meat of some sort

burwellmum Wed 02-Aug-17 09:22:05

Chocolate and cheese - not together though - are my downfall.

My mother used to crave tripe when she was pregnant - if we got back from school and tripe was for dinner I knew what was coming.

Elliepurpleflower Wed 02-Aug-17 21:53:21

Lemon cheese cake pots sound amazing! Sounds like my kind of book smile
My craving is chocolate... always chocolate! I usually eat chocolate or drink hot chocolate, or maybe even eat chocolate cake! Yum!

Vonklump Wed 02-Aug-17 21:55:37

Cheese, and crackers, but usually I have eaten the cheese before the crackers are out of the tub, and then have to get some more out of the fridge.


hutchy73 Wed 02-Aug-17 22:33:06

Cake is my downfall - if it's in the house I eat it 🎂🍰🍰🍰🎂

AlwaysOldBeforeMyTime Wed 02-Aug-17 22:40:41

Mainly cake. Any type of cake.

Although I also have a slight obsession with chinese takeaway "seaweed". I know it's horribly bad for me and covered in both salt, sugar and who knows what else but damn it tastes good!

patchysmum Thu 03-Aug-17 01:33:24

Coffee and walnut cake

maryandbuzz1 Thu 03-Aug-17 01:45:12

Ooooh that has to be CHEESE! But usually if I want a quick fix it has to be CHOCOLATE digestive biscuits!

chrisrobin Thu 03-Aug-17 01:52:41

There is nothing better than buttered toast, it's got to be real butter and left to soak into the warm, toasty bread.

TracyKNixon Thu 03-Aug-17 08:14:19

Homemade cheese scones, warm from the oven and served with real butter!

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