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Ideas for books you have read

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Shazzashazza Sun 30-Jul-17 20:36:20

Hi all I and some other local mums swap our books once we have read them which got me thinking if maybe we could start by maybe charging something like a pound for people to take a book and if they want to they could donate it back once they have finished with it then maybe keeping the money for the local kids Christmas party or something of that kind. I was wondering if others have done anything similar as I've got about two bags of books I've read and would like to see other enjoy them too.

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OCSockOrphanage Mon 31-Jul-17 09:10:46

Near us, the health centres and some shops have charity shelves where you can buy books for 50p or 3 for £1 to raise money for MacMillan Nurses, and you can donate anything you've read to the cause.

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