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Omg I'm so glad you lot introduced me to....

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dirtyprettything Fri 14-Jul-17 12:55:35

They Knew Mr Knight

Jealous you get to read them fresh!

Wormulonian Thu 13-Jul-17 14:35:26

Dorothy Whipple books are so great - you still have the pleasure of reading They were sisters and Someone at a Distance etc to come. I bet one DW will not be enough.

MN encouraged me to bite the bullet and read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver which I had never quite got around too but loved and also A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth which I had a go at a few times over the years but managed last year due to a MN thread and being able to get it on Kindle (I could not hold its bulk open for long periods)

tobee Tue 11-Jul-17 16:19:23

Oh, no spoilers, please

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tobee Tue 11-Jul-17 15:34:29

Dorothy Whipple. Just reading my first which happens to be Greenbanks. I was up till very late 4am reading it. Not what you expect from Persephone books maybe.

What other books are you glad mn has introduced to you?

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