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Inspire me!

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HareTodayDragonTomorrow Thu 29-Jun-17 20:22:03

I used to read a lot. Before the DC. Since the Dc came along I've read very few new books. Just re-read because anything else was too daunting.

I used to read historical/historical fiction. Some authors on my bookshelf are Elizabeth Chadwick, Sharon Penman, Jean Plaidy, Mary Renault, Bernard Cornwell, Philippa Gregory (not really a fan), Holt, Manfredi, Robert Massie, Sara Poole, Stephanie Thornton, Sansom...

I've looked at amazon and am uninspired. I've been given a $25 (i know, but I have to use the us site) voucher and am ready to give it a go. Something fairly easy to read because I don't think my concentration levels are up to tough books yet. Be interested in anything from ancient era onwards, preferably set in Europe.

Or something totally different.

Only requirements are not scary or gory.

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 29-Jun-17 20:27:40

Have you read Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller?

MrsBadger Thu 29-Jun-17 20:32:36

I was impressed by a friend who, similarly indecisive, set out to read all the books that had ever won the Pulitzer Prize.
I wouldn't particularly recommend that, but how about Bailey's / Orange prize winners?

HareTodayDragonTomorrow Fri 30-Jun-17 08:42:50

I thought I had Everyone, I definitely remember going to order it when it came out but I cannot find it anywhere. Its possible that I never got around to it as it was published just after DC arrived grin I've looked at it since and always scrolled past because I knew I had it!

That's a good suggestion for a few year MrsBadger but I imagine the books which win prizes are not easy reads? put off by one of the winners being the same author of a book of which I never managed to get past the first chapter

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MissCalamity Fri 30-Jun-17 20:51:31

Jackdaws by Ken Follett, a spy thriller set in WWII in France. I think it's been out for a while & I really enjoyed it despite it not being my normal reading material!

fatowl Sat 01-Jul-17 00:45:32

I have a few favourite authors in common with you. My favourites over the last couple of years have been :

Katherine by Anya Seton
Fall of Giants by Ken Follet
The Remains of the Day
84 Charing Cross road
Rebecca by daphne du Maurier

I might think of some more later.
Have a read of the 50 book challenge on here, that's where I get most of my inspiration at the moment

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