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Should I get rid of books I won't read?

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MikeUniformMike Sat 10-Jun-17 11:59:36

Those books are just taking space on your shelf, reminding you of money you wasted. Give them to a charity shop then they will bring happiness to the charity and to the readers, who will probably pass them on.

skippingdolefully Sat 10-Jun-17 11:28:57

Get rid. I had a big clear out a couple of years ago, only keeping books that I really enjoyed and envisaged reading again one day.

OneCabbageTree Sat 10-Jun-17 11:26:53


I do, apart from the ones that look particularly impressive clever or complete a set

ImperialBlether Wed 07-Jun-17 13:45:39

You could take them to your local library if they're in good condition - they are desperately short of books.

MikeUniformMike Wed 07-Jun-17 13:44:58

Charity shop. Or you could read one then decide.

Yika Wed 07-Jun-17 13:29:07

Get rid. It's a sunk cost.

KeithLeMonde Wed 07-Jun-17 13:26:09

Hell yes!

Keeping them on your shelf and not reading them doesn't change the facts of whether they were a good use of your money or not. I'm guessing you got some pleasure from buying them at the time but now you feel guilty when you look at them because they feel like "a waste of money".

So take a last look at them and remember the pleasure you got in buying them. Then clear your shelf, and take them down to a charity shop where someone else will discover them, and love reading them, and the money will go to a good cause. Meanwhile, you can fill your shelf with some books that you genuinely enjoy reading.

hellymart Tue 06-Jun-17 20:15:43

Get rid!! They are taking up room, you'll never read them and you'll get great karma when you clear them out. Give them to a charity shop, so you're doing some good (some specialise in books). And then, treat yourself to one lovely book that you really want to read and forget about the others. (life's too short to read a bad book).

Mysa74 Tue 06-Jun-17 18:18:39

Advertise them on fb and see if anyone will buy them or swap for something else. Life is too short to waste on books you don't like or fail to be swept away by... I'm looking at you Vanity Fair!

scurryfunge Tue 06-Jun-17 16:45:17

I think if they have not been read in 15 years then they never will be. Give them to a charity shop.

DonaldTrumpsTrump Tue 06-Jun-17 16:43:14

I stupidly signed up to a book club when I was in my teens and I now have about 20 'chick flick' books (which are not my thing at all) on my book shelf. Should I try and get through them since I paid for them or should I just donate? Feels like a waste of money but I've had them now about 15 years and they're not getting read.

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