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The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

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HappydaysArehere Mon 15-May-17 14:55:47

I am so enjoying this book. I found it on iBooks for 99p. It had a good review and when I looked at Good Reads the reviews were full of five stars, then four stars and I saw just one three stars. It is unusual, page turning, charming and really humorous in some places. I am over half way and not wanting to get to the end. Anyone else reading/read it?

MadisonAvenue Mon 15-May-17 14:59:01

I'm reading it, I'm up to chapter 14. Really enjoying it!

Seeline Mon 15-May-17 15:00:49

I've just read it - got it cheap on Kindle. I thought it a really lovely, heartwarming read. Hoping the author writes some more.

HappydaysArehere Mon 15-May-17 15:30:00

Seeline she has another book coming out called A Beginners Guide To Drowning. However, the pre order copy isn't out until May of 2018! So I suppose she is still writing it. Have this image of her huddled over a computer desperate to meet deadlines and not disappoint her fan base. Pleased you both enjoyed it. Cannot believe all that enjoyment for. 99p.

Seeline Tue 16-May-17 08:13:24

Thanks Happy - I shall keep an eye open for it!

RightOnTheEdge Sat 20-May-17 22:12:03

I have read it and loved it!
If you are on Instagram the author's page is full of lost things she has seen while out and about. I love it. She replies to a lot of comments too.

Radishal Mon 29-May-17 12:03:31

Just finished this book. I loved it. Just wanted to say that.
I normally love thrillers and plot twists. This was a gentler version of that and none the worse for it. I loved all the characters and was egging them on as I read it. The story moved onto a style that an old cynic like me doesn't normally like. Loved it.

HappydaysArehere Wed 07-Jun-17 09:27:14

My husband is reading it now and he is totally absorbed. He says he is enjoying it.

oobidobidooooo Mon 12-Jun-17 20:21:01

Reading this currently and it's wonderful!

Has anyone got any recommendations for other books that are similar/ as good?

Missanneshirley Sat 17-Jun-17 23:22:53

This is 99p on kindle at the moment! Just bought it so I'm glad to read some good reviews

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