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Erotic Fiction

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Mrsemcgregor Wed 10-May-17 18:46:52

Can anyone recommend any good erotic books?

NOT 50 shades (I hated it!!), something well written with a good story, not necessarily graphic.

Thank you smile

welliesandsequins Wed 10-May-17 18:48:50

I have just started Maestra which has been recommended to me. It's pretty good so far. Not sure how erotic it will be but it's meant to be. Good story too.

Mrsemcgregor Wed 10-May-17 18:54:40

Looks interesting, mixed reviews but only £1.59 for the kindle so I have brought it, thanks!

HughLauriesStubble Wed 10-May-17 18:58:41

I read a good series called Seductive Nights by Lauren Blakely. Well written with a decent storyline and good nookie too blush grin

I think the first book in the serued is free iirc.

HughLauriesStubble Wed 10-May-17 18:59:22


Mrsemcgregor Wed 10-May-17 19:06:00

It is indeed free! Thank you, I now have a few steamy ideas for summer reading grinblush

Mrsemcgregor Wed 10-May-17 19:06:50

Damn I meant bought it. blush

tripfiction Thu 11-May-17 18:18:04

Depends how erotic you want your erotic aspect to be. @welliesandsequins suggested Maestra, there's a lot going on. I just reviewed the second, Domina, it's lots of things plus erotic (there's a third and final one in the wings) It's ok, some intelligent writing, especially if you like art and travel, but I won't be reading the 3rd

PomBearWithAnOFRS Fri 12-May-17 03:47:30

Try Shelley Laurenceston and/or Sherrilyn Kenyon :D

Mrsemcgregor Fri 12-May-17 06:35:29

Thank you!

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