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Books set in Dorset or on trains.

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BitchfaceBarclay Sun 30-Apr-17 22:20:24

I like a book to match a holiday. I'm off todorset with notsoD H to do something to do with trains. At least he's going to look at trains and I intend to moon around living in a novel. Sunning myself on the beach and imbibing in a little gin or cocktail.

Ideas please.

SplitInfinitive Sun 30-Apr-17 22:35:57

Thomas Hardy?

BitchfaceBarclay Sun 30-Apr-17 22:37:20

Possibly. Maybe something a bit lighter?

HerculesMulligan Sun 30-Apr-17 22:38:32


TheoriginalLEM Sun 30-Apr-17 22:39:22

Marking my place - i love dorset and trains are quite nice.

sorry, not helpful

caprifun Sun 30-Apr-17 22:40:44

On Chesil beach?

annandale Sun 30-Apr-17 22:43:56

The Nine Red Herrings by Dorothy Sayers is ALL about trains.

The Last Battle by CS Lewis - trains are involved.

Red for Danger by L something Holt - every railway accident in the first 150 years of railways or thereabouts, in graphic detail. Absolutely brilliant.

Persuasion by jane Austen

On Chesil Beach - if you hate yourself, and your DH, and the world.

SplitInfinitive Sun 30-Apr-17 22:47:21

Ok grin How about Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier? It's set in Lyme Regis, about Mary Anning.

Persuasion by Jane Austen is partially set in Lyme Regis too.

annandale Sun 30-Apr-17 22:49:10

Ooh remarkable creatures sounds good. One of my favourite books as a child was Mary Anning's Treasures which is out of print and some ludicrous price on amazon.

SplitInfinitive Sun 30-Apr-17 22:49:36

And Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller (on my tbr list).

NataliaOsipova Sun 30-Apr-17 22:51:52

Thomas Hardy is fantastic! You really get the sense of Dorset as it was.

FreeButtonBee Sun 30-Apr-17 22:52:36

Murder on the orient express 😄

NataliaOsipova Sun 30-Apr-17 22:54:06

Murder on the orient express 😄

Yes! Or The 4.50 from Paddington. I love a bit of Agatha Christie....

BitchfaceBarclay Sun 30-Apr-17 22:54:11

I have remarkable creatures. Love persuasion.
Chesil beach may not be what I need for a weekend away with th e H and the trains.

BitchfaceBarclay Sun 30-Apr-17 22:54:56

Love agatha but they are quite pricey on kindle. I may need to read an actual book!

LancsHotpot Sun 30-Apr-17 22:55:53

The French Lieutenant's Woman is set in Lyme. Or there's always the Famous Five books...

BitchfaceBarclay Sun 30-Apr-17 22:55:54

Agatha may be what I need. I can imagine I am a 20s chic chick in pearls and sip my gin with hercule.

HarrietVane99 Sun 30-Apr-17 22:57:12

Antonia Forest was a children's writer. Many of her books were set in a (fictionalised) Dorset. Ready Made Family in particular has trains in. (Is partly about step families) .

Or of course there's The Railway Children!

GreenGinger2 Mon 01-May-17 09:19:24

Remarkable Creatures by Tracey Chevalier is fab,couldn't put it down.

Set in Lyme Regis. You will be obsessed by Mary Anning and fossils after.

tripfiction Mon 01-May-17 18:42:11

Oh brilliant! Love matching books with location. So, if you are looking for books set in Dorset, check out my curated books set there:

Rosanna Ley's new book The Little Theatre By the Sea is set there (but you get a good dollop of Sardinia too!)

Have a lovely holiday!!

4yoniD Mon 01-May-17 18:49:34

The Secret of the Sirens takes place in the southern regions of a fictional Great Britain in the seaside town of Hescombe - is that the right place?

NotCitrus Mon 01-May-17 18:53:35

Seconding Antonia Forest.

You could go non-fiction and read Christian Wolmar about British railways...

BitchfaceBarclay Mon 01-May-17 21:26:10

Tripfiction. I really rather like that.

KurriKurri Tue 02-May-17 16:29:24

There are a couple of detective fiction novels set in Dorset in Kindle Daily Deals today. I've never read anything by the author so don't know if they are any good, - but I'm going to try them because they are set in the Isle of Purbeck which is the specific part of Dorset I am from.

The author is Michael Hambling

BitchfaceBarclay Tue 02-May-17 18:39:00

I now have about 7 books ready. I'm only goimg away Friday to Sunday grin

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