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Best places for webcomics/online graphic novels?

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comicbookquestion Fri 28-Apr-17 16:51:40

I am sorry if this is the wrong place for the question, but I am stuck as to where to put it!

I am the carer for my daughter (19yo) who is obsessed with reading Graphic Novels (she has a huge collection including the classics such V for Vendetta, Watchmen etc) and I am struggling to find new material for her to read

She generally prefers longer series, but i would appreciate any suggestions smile

Redredredrose Sat 29-Apr-17 09:33:07

Has she tried Scary Go Round? It's literally the best.

Also Gunnerkrigg Court is pretty good.

thepiggotupandslowlywalkedaway Tue 09-May-17 10:05:25

She might also like Stand Still. Stay Silent It's a post-apocalyptic series set in Scandinavia and is ongoing - the artist is up to page 718 at the moment. She's also done another webcomic called A Redtail's Dream, which I haven't read much of, but also seems very good. There are scary and dramatic bits in both, but they're also funny and observant.

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