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If I love Jojo moyes me before you and sequel

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littlemissM92 Wed 19-Apr-17 12:42:51

What else will I like ? Got a fortnight holiday soon and no books on my list yet would like to take 10 if not more easily read one a day.
I have quite a wide array of previous reads that I've enjoyed e.g

Gone girl
Jo jo moyes
Love trashy autobiographies blushlike katie price etc I know I know! Just easy reads

Nothing with too much horror mainly light hearted. Would sooo appreciate reccomendations x

Longji Wed 19-Apr-17 13:04:45

It's not a novel but I really enjoyed Marian Keyes Making it up as I go along. It's made up of blog posts, magazine articles and some new short pieces that she wrote especially for the book. Really light and easy reading.
I like Cecelia Ahern and Liane Moriarty books too.

waycat Wed 19-Apr-17 15:08:21

I would suggest anything by Santa Montefoire.

Easy reading, good stories, vivid descriptions and (nearly) always a happy ending.

Have a good holiday!

Bibliophagist Wed 19-Apr-17 16:21:07

If you like Jojo Moyes I'd suggest reading books by Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain and Susan Lewis. Also Liane Moriarty and Elin Hilderbrand are great reads! I also would recommend Amy Hatvany and Taylor Jenkins Reid I have just finished Forever, Interrupted and it was a great read! Have tissues at the ready 😢

littlemissM92 Wed 19-Apr-17 18:18:07

Biblio are they like love stories hence needing the tears ?

littlemissM92 Wed 19-Apr-17 18:18:17

Tissues even !

Papergirl1968 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:52:15

I like JoJo Moyes, and second the recommendations for Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain and Liane Moriaty. I also like Lisa Jewell, Emily Barr, and Dorothy Koomson for something as slightly more serious and less frothy chick lit. Lucy Diamond and Harriet Evans are also ok.

Bibliophagist Thu 20-Apr-17 01:14:04

littlemiss Forever, Interrupted was like an unconventional love story. Books written by Cecelia Ahern, Elin Hilderbrand and Amy Hatvany are love stories. Though books written by Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain and Susan Lewis are life like stories, we can all relate to and especially Jodi's books - she explores a controversial subject in each of her books and handles it very well, without being too heavy She is easily my favourite author! Dorothy Koomson and Liane Moriarty are also up there, you might mind of the TV mini series The Ice Cream Girls that was based on the book of the same title by Dorothy Koomson I have read several of her books and enjoyed them all, paper I've read Lisa Jewell books but can't think of any hmm What is Emily Barr like? Always keen to find new authors and books to read grin

Papergirl1968 Thu 20-Apr-17 22:22:52

Emily Barr books are great for being about ordinary people in extraordinary situations in exotic destinations. I think the first I read of hers was Baggage, set in Australia, then I read one about a group of people stranded on an island, whose title escapes me.
I think Koomson has got better over time. I enjoyed That Girl From Nowhere, Rose Petal Beach etc better than Ice Cream Girls.
Lisa Jewell I find is a British and slightly lighter version of Picoult and Chamberlain. The Making Of Us was about the offspring of a sperm donor meeting up.
Only ever read one by Ahern and that was PS I Love You which was a good plot but dreadfully written!

Juicyfrooty Thu 20-Apr-17 22:45:08

The last letter from your lover by jojo moyes is really good.

I've enjoyed all the Dorothy Koomson ones I've read, especially my best friends girl.

Bibliophagist Fri 21-Apr-17 04:13:13

Yes I agree Koomson has got better over time, I really liked Rose Petal Beach, can't mind if I've read That Girl from Nowhere. I've never thought of Lisa Jewell like that but I can see what you mean. I have read a few of Ahern's books they also get @better! Lol Will have to look out for Barr. I have a few Koomson books on my shelf unread, also my best friend's girl and marshmallows for breakfast. I recommend you try others of Ahern, and I'm going to look for Barr also you may like Susan Lewis.

Littlemiss you have some more idea's now? Hope you have a great holiday 😁

Bibliophagist Fri 21-Apr-17 04:15:21

Idk why that's came up like that in bold hmm

Izzy24 Fri 21-Apr-17 04:30:08

Santa Montefiore is always a good 'switching off' read. And as well as all those already mentioned you could try Lucy Dawson. Latest book Everything You Told Me.

littlemissM92 Fri 21-Apr-17 13:56:00

Yes grin I've written them all down to go to library with smile

Joanna0685 Sun 23-Apr-17 17:03:10

Cathy Glass writes books about her life fostering. she has a website

GinSwigmore Sun 23-Apr-17 17:08:16

Big little lies Liane Moriarty

littlemissM92 Sun 30-Apr-17 00:07:19

Has anyone read 'the power of now'? I would like to try a mindfulness / well being book if anyone has any recommendations ? Particularly about breaking habits?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 30-Apr-17 09:02:53

Have you read One Day by David Nicholls?. You might like Veronica Henry's books too. The first one I read was a Quick Read called A Sea Change and is a nice opener to her Beach Hut series.

abbey44 Sun 30-Apr-17 09:07:24

I've enjoyed most of these writers too and would throw Jane Fallon and Adele Parks into the mix. Never read a book by either of them that I didn't love - real page turners!

Quaintrellem Sat 10-Jun-17 21:21:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

bluemumsbluedog Wed 14-Jun-17 17:23:21

Watching as also looking for recommendations and have read lots by some of the authors mentioned.

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