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"Can Any Mother Help Me?" - fascinating sounding book about a vinatge precursor to Mumsnet

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treacletart Thu 08-Mar-07 22:39:19

Anyone else heard about this ? A group of women wrote to each other for support and advice for over 50 years using pseudonyms - sound familar?

moondog Thu 08-Mar-07 22:41:40

Yes,there has been a lot about this in the press recently.

edam Thu 08-Mar-07 22:43:38

Oh, what a lovely story! So, we aren't as clever as we thought we were...

colditz Thu 08-Mar-07 22:44:08

How beautiful!

treacletart Thu 08-Mar-07 22:48:46

another review here

BandofMothers Thu 08-Mar-07 22:54:34

WOW. That's really awesome.
Wonder what medium we'll be using when we're all 99!!!!!

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 08-Mar-07 22:58:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BandofMothers Thu 08-Mar-07 23:07:33

Did anyone see Housewife 49 with Victoria Wood, that was really cool. About a housewife during the war, who wrote down a diary and sent it to a magazine, and they picked her to be published. It was really heartfelt, and I really enjoyed it. Would also like to read this book.

treacletart Fri 09-Mar-07 17:55:15

I missed Housewife 49 , but heard very good things about it, that was a Mass Obs thing too I think wasn't it? All this makes me wonder if someone will be compiling a book of selected Mumsnet threads in 50 years time.

deweydell Fri 09-Mar-07 21:36:08

How lovely to read this thread. I'm the editor of CAN ANY MOTHER.... and an avid MNer. I acquired and edited the book a year ago, before I went on maternity leave and had my first baby. When I first came across MN, I couldn't believe the similiarities to the CCC (that's the name of the magazine that the women contribute to). I wondered whether any MNers would see the publicity and make the connection. The book is so brilliant - the women in it absolutely remarkable. I was in floods of tears by the end.

I've just booked a slot to promote the book on the site next month so that MNers can get 10% discount. But how about the next three posters on this thread, include your email address, and I'll contact you for details of where to send a free copy!

Swizzler Fri 09-Mar-07 21:40:11

I'd love to read it
personalnotbusiness at gmail dot com

MrsSpoon Fri 09-Mar-07 21:46:43

I would absolutely love to read this.


sideways Fri 09-Mar-07 21:48:02

Me please.

sideways Fri 09-Mar-07 21:48:32

Sorry, forgot to say can you CAT me, as I don't really have an anonymous enough email address

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 09-Mar-07 21:49:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

deweydell Fri 09-Mar-07 21:49:41

Excellent. Sideways - can I get an email address so I can be in touch about where to send?

And treacletart - if you see this and want a copy, add your e address and I'll send one too as you spotted the book.

deweydell Fri 09-Mar-07 21:50:22

OK, no worries Sideways.

treacletart Fri 09-Mar-07 21:50:28

Oooh Oooh do I get a prize for starting the thread?

deweydell Fri 09-Mar-07 21:51:36

Yes you do. I'll send a bunch of books if you like.

bampa Fri 09-Mar-07 21:51:51

would love to read this too

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 09-Mar-07 21:52:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

deweydell Fri 09-Mar-07 21:54:45

OK. OK. Everyone up until this message gets one, if I can get your addresses. CAT me if you don't want to post. I have know idea what 'CAT me' means, but I'm going to go and find out.

sideways Fri 09-Mar-07 21:55:43

deweydell, just click on the little envelope next the name of the poster you want to contact .

I will CAT you in a second.

treacletart Fri 09-Mar-07 21:56:49

Wow! that's lovely deweydell thankyou so so much! Can I CAT you with my e-mail?

deweydell Fri 09-Mar-07 21:57:37

CAT away.

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