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What to read next? Suggestions please...

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RedComet Sat 04-Mar-17 10:25:18

Finished Apple tree yard a few weeks ago, just before it went out on telly. Loved the book. Found the tv version a bit meh. Also just finished The burning air.

Would like to download another book but struggling to find a new book. Downloaded a few samples but nothing really grabbing me so far.

Also liked; The kind worth killing, The poison tree, Tideline etc..

Any suggestions, ideally kindle bargains greatly appreciated.

Thank you

iamdivergent Sat 04-Mar-17 18:49:56

The two by B A Paris are good - Behind Closed Doors and The Breakdown (I'm about 1/4 through the atm).

Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey if you're into sci-fi.

Frouby Sat 04-Mar-17 18:54:14

I enjoyed Behind Closed Doors too.

The Tana French series is excellent. About murder detectives in Ireland. Loved every book.

Loved the Vera and Shetland series. And the Simon Serrailer series too.

RedComet Sun 05-Mar-17 16:37:32

Thank you. Have just downloaded behind closed doors. Think I will enjoy this one. Thanks again :-)

Applebite Sun 05-Mar-17 18:56:25

I'm just reading Laurie graham's new one which is set in whitechapel in 1888 (so you can guess what it's about!). She is amazing, and i can't put it down.

Also LOVE Sarah waters if you've not read any of hers.

Kai1977 Wed 08-Mar-17 21:54:45

I like a lot of the stuff you've read and enjoyed Sabine Durrant and Harriet Lane novels. Well written and cliche-free!

carbuncleonapigsposterior Thu 09-Mar-17 17:08:17

I enjoyed Behind Closed Doors so thought I'd enjoy the author's new one The Breakdown, thought it should be retitled The Let Down, not very good at all imo. Sabine Durrant's book Lie With Me is very good. If you liked Behind Closed Doors, I would suggest Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes dark psychological thriller in a similar vein.

Clawdy Sun 19-Mar-17 14:42:15

Daughter by Jane Shemilt is a good read.

RedComet Sun 19-Mar-17 20:11:05

Just finished Behind closed doors. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for recommending!

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