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The Essex Serpent

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BaconAndAvocado Thu 23-Feb-17 21:47:54

Have just started this book, it's fab!

The language and characterisation is excellent, loving the unconventional Cora and Francis too.

Anyone else reading it?

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Thu 23-Feb-17 22:58:44

I surprised myself by absolutely loving it.

ThereAreNoGhostsHere Fri 24-Feb-17 05:17:43

Yes. Reading it at the moment. It is very good.

SatsukiKusakabe Fri 24-Feb-17 12:52:25

Loved it too. Read on Kindle but will probably buy the pretty papaerback when it comes out.

Liked the characters, ideas and the description of the landscape, felt very fresh and interesting to me. One of the better recent fiction books I've read. Had a timeless quality in some ways, really emphasised how modern the Victorians were in a way that isn't touched on that much. Breakthroughs in medicine, the London Underground, social justice issues, reason and science.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Fri 24-Feb-17 13:03:12

Waterstones had the beautiful hardback half price recently. I was very tempted to buy it (read on Kindle) but decided to spend my gift voucher on history books instead. It is really gorgeous, and I'll probably buy it at some point, as I'll definitely re-read the novel.

SatsukiKusakabe Fri 24-Feb-17 13:14:17

I'd love the cover print on fabric, it would make a nice skirt against black.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Fri 24-Feb-17 13:17:34

grin I would so wear that! Dp thinks it's hilarious that I'm always pointing out wallpaper/curtains in pubs/wrapping paper etc and saying what a nice skirt it would make.

Saucery Fri 24-Feb-17 13:18:34

It was wonderful and I didn't expect to like it half as much as I did. It was one of the 'filler' books to read myself to sleep with and abandon if I got too bored. Absolutely no chance of that! I ended up having to eke it out so I didn't finish it too soon. One or two clunky plot devices but oh, the language and the decisions the characters had to make!
Loved the Victorian view of issues and conditions (being vague to avoid spoilers) we recognise today - they were included seamlessly and not clumsily.

SatsukiKusakabe Fri 24-Feb-17 13:29:10

Glad it's not just me grin

Elbi Sun 26-Feb-17 02:03:13

I just finished it! Loved the writing and the well-drawn, unconventional characters. Let me know when you've finished reading as I'd really like to discuss the ending!!

bookworm14 Sun 26-Feb-17 14:14:49

I've just finished it and really enjoyed it. Thought the relationship between Cora and Will was really interesting/unusual and well drawn.

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