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This attitude is really annoying......

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crispyduck Thu 01-Mar-07 09:44:16

Ds1 reads Jacqueline Wilson books...a family member says they are to girly and he should be reading about boys stuff.....this really annoys me...I think if they enjoy a particular author..what is the problem...
Yor veiws pls
Thanks x

princesscc Thu 01-Mar-07 09:50:49

Jacqueline Wilson covers all the delicate issues that girls AND boys will come cross in life at some stage. I think the problem is, most people associate her with Tracey Beaker, which I suppose is mainly a girlie programme. I think its great and lets face it, the fact that he is reading at all is a bonus!!

crispyduck Thu 01-Mar-07 09:53:26

he loves reading

MuminBrum Thu 01-Mar-07 10:05:01

I would be delighted if my DS (in the future - he's only 2.11) read JW. Tell the family member to naff off.

clerkKent Thu 01-Mar-07 12:19:54

He has good taste. DD used to wonder why I stopped reading out loud to her in several JW books - it was due to the lump in my throat. She now reads them herself.

She picks them out in 2nd hand bookshops - but often finds the first editions. I send her back until she finds the paperback version at a fifth of the cost.

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