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"1984" is suddenly a best-seller again in the United States

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MsAmerica Sun 29-Jan-17 23:28:23

Guess why...

Manumission Sun 29-Jan-17 23:30:43


DioneTheDiabolist Sun 29-Jan-17 23:30:55

Good.grin It'a brilliant book. Everyone should read it.

MsAmerica Sun 29-Jan-17 23:41:05

Indeed, Dione, it's always puzzled me how London, of all places, could submit to having all the cameras there, given that I would have thought 1984 was widely read there.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 30-Jan-17 02:30:28

We have all submitted to "having all the cameras there" OP. We carry them in our phones.

frenchfancy Tue 31-Jan-17 09:11:11

I've just finished A Handmaid's Tale and that made me think of a future with Trump at the helm. Too close for comfort.

Dustyroad63 Tue 31-Jan-17 11:42:21

1984 is one of my all time favourite books. I read it every 5 years or so and never tire of it.

MsAmerica Wed 01-Feb-17 00:09:06

Dusty, I not only don't tire of it, I've come to appreciate it more as the years go by - not just the ideas but the writing.

And I love Handmaid's Tale! I just read there's a television series of it...?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 02-Feb-17 16:56:11

Was listening to R4 this morning and sales are up 95% in this country too. I really must reread it.

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