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Anne of Green Gables

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Duffmcstockings Fri 06-Jan-17 21:52:09

If you were working through the Anne books and you wanted to know more about the social history of the time, where would you start? Have tried google, but my questions are a bit unspecific.

VanderlyleGeek Sat 07-Jan-17 03:01:49

Duff, a friend of mine is a Montgomery scholar. I'll ask her and pass on any suggestions.

VanderlyleGeek Sat 07-Jan-17 04:10:07

Irene Gammel's Looking for Anne and Conrad's Concise History of Canada are good, according to my friend. She also recommends Imagining Anne by Elizabeth Epperly. It's a discussion with photographs of Montgomery's scrapbooks. smile

Duffmcstockings Sat 07-Jan-17 10:11:02

Thank you x

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