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Just bought 24 book membership of audible, recommend me stuff!

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buckeejit Wed 21-Dec-16 22:20:28

I tried the trial of audible ages ago & then forgot about it so had 5 months of books accumulated! I've listened to IQ84, Robert Galbraith, my sister lives on the mantelpiece & the goldfinch & a Margaret Atwood.

Enjoyed them all, particularly the Murakami but then I love him, haven't read anything for years & it was a massive book so v long. Since getting to the end of these ive been missing it & long car journey tomorrow so want the 2nd Harry Potter for ds.

Also I'm hopefully getting headphones for Christmas & can't wait to get out on my own for a walk & want something to listen to. Please help me justify this purchase!

HopefulHamster Wed 21-Dec-16 23:19:54

Check how many credits you can rollover! I think I have a limit of six and then they start going to waste. Buy some books at once!

I suspect I may have different tastes. I usually go for humour on audible (and the only fiction I've bought has been science fiction, which I won't go into here).

Cabin Pressure is an AMAZING radio four sitcom that is worth every penny. My favourite sitcom ever.

Fortunately, the Milk (for kids) by Neil Gaiman was very good.

biog-wise, I enjoyed Michael McIntyre's (surprising myself), Craig Ferguson's (naturalised American but grew up in Scotland), Amy Schumer, I Partridge (I know Alan Partridge is fictional...). Didn't like the Miranda one, or Jack Whitehall's at all.

Ruby Wax book on Mindfulness was good.

buckeejit Thu 22-Dec-16 08:31:11

Ooh nice to try something different-will get cabin pressure. The ruby wax mindfulness is my car book for when I'm waiting for dc etc

What do you mean rollover? I thought I just had a year to spend the 24 credits? Best go read the small print!

Crocky Thu 22-Dec-16 08:37:31

I've just listened to all of the Harry Potter's on Audible. Bought the first because I just couldn't find anything I fancied and it was a panic buy before a journey. I loved listening to it being read by Stephen Fry that I ended up buying every one.

runningtogetskinny Thu 22-Dec-16 09:06:04

Hopeful if you like Alan Partridge I've just listened to Nomad and it was very funny! Following the thread as I've also just joined Audible

ScrappyMalloy Thu 22-Dec-16 09:34:39

I will second the Harry Potter books - I've listened to them all over the year and now on the final part of The Deathly Hallows.

I'm going to miss them when this one is finished. Stephen Fry reads them beautifully.

MermaidofZennor Thu 22-Dec-16 12:49:18

11.22.63 by Stephen King. Very long and so good value for a credit. I really enjoyed it.
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Superb narration.
Fingers in the Sparkle Jar - Chris Packham' s autobiography
Belgravia by Julian Fellowes. Rattling good story.
Life Class trilogy by Pat Barker
Dark Matter by Michelle Paver - brilliant narration by Jeremy Northam
The Trouble With Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon - evocative of 70's
The Fish Ladder by Katherine Norbury
The Outrun by Amy Liptrot
Grief is the Thing With Feathers by Max Porter
The Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst

These are some of the Audible books I've enjoyed recently.

GinIsIn Thu 22-Dec-16 12:54:10

The Cazalet Chronicles, definitely! It's the BBC radio drama version and it's fantastic!

The Devil in the Marshalsea by Antonia Hodgson - it's been brilliantly narrated.

I really enjoyed Longbourne by Jo Baker, but you need to have a good grounding of Pride & Prejudice first ideally.

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver is fantastic too.

FunSponge82 Thu 22-Dec-16 13:04:13

I loved the Woodcutter by Reginald Hill, Jonathan Keeble read it so well.

jessplussomeonenew Thu 22-Dec-16 13:27:22

Anansi boys by Neil Gaiman, read by Lenny Henry.
Rivers of London (and the rest of the series if you like that one) by Ben Aaronovich
Hounded by Kevin Hearne (also first of a series.

ihatethecold Thu 22-Dec-16 17:43:06

How much is audible after the free book.
I'm tempted because I've fallen out of love with reading but I could do with something to help me de stress

MistyMeena Thu 22-Dec-16 17:49:36

I love the autobiographies, notably Stephen Fry, Bill Bryson, Clare Balding, David Attenborough. All narrated by the authors which is great even if I can't get past the first 15 mins of David A before falling asleep grin also some of the classics; Dickens, Austen are easier to digest when listening than reading, IMO

buckeejit Thu 22-Dec-16 18:10:51

This is brilliant thanks-it's £8.99 for 1 credit a month but I went full boar & bought 24 credits all in one go for £109 as I find them great to listen to when doing housework, walking, driving about, getting ready in the morning. It's fab & ive found I can get just as into an audio as an actual book but still get stuff done!

PitilessYank Thu 22-Dec-16 18:12:13

Cabin Pressure is good, but my all-time favorite is this one (see picture...)

PitilessYank Thu 22-Dec-16 18:13:08

It is in in two parts, so buy part one first, obv.

HopefulHamster Fri 23-Dec-16 19:50:27

Oh if you get 24 in one go you're probably fine. On my plan you get one a month and you can only keep up to six (I think). Actually paused mine for a bit as I have a big backlog to go through! Listened to some Ricky Gervais/Merchant/Pilkington podcasts via audible today which are very funny but tbh you can get those for free on Youtube anyway (not worth spending full credits on).

HopefulHamster Fri 23-Dec-16 19:56:42

Will have a look Pitiless!

80sWaistcoat Fri 23-Dec-16 20:02:01

I absolutely loved David sedaris. Also the spire, hamlet prince of Denmark a novel and 5 days in May.

MissisBee Fri 23-Dec-16 20:04:34

I enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia as they're narrated by brilliant actors - Kenneth Branagh, Patrick Stewart etc

Cheguevarahamster Fri 23-Dec-16 20:06:13

Agree with mermaid, just finished 11.22.63, by Stephen King. It was long but brilliant and I was in tears at the end. Also Dark matter by Michelle Paver is particularly good, moody and atmospheric.
If you want a bit if fluff "the unexpected inheritance of inspector Chukra" is good fun. My favourite audible "book" is the radio 4 adaptation of "good omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Garmon, which I have listened to many times. I also enjoy the Ricky Gervais show.
I just love audible, I don't have time (actually I don't make time) to read and I can get so much done whilst listening to books. It's just wonderful.

Spin789 Fri 23-Dec-16 20:06:57

Another here who likes listening to autobiographies. Currently listening to Brian Blessed's. Alan Bennett's Talking Heads wereally enjoyable. Crackanory is funny and was free. I've also listened to some of the books I enjoyed as a child- Famous Five being one.

Airfixkitwidow Fri 23-Dec-16 20:12:23

I'm listening to the Bruce Springsteen autobiography at the moment. I'm not a particular fan of his music but this has had me gripped. I also enjoyed nomad by Alan Partridge and the cazelet chronicles as others have recommended. Another excellent book on audible is Broken Harbour by Tana French. In fact any one of the current crop of psychological thrillers would work well. I struggled with Kate Atkinson' life after life though. Too many time shifts makes difficult to go back and work out what's going on. Enjoy listening. Audible got me back into books after a long break and I now listen to 3 or 4 a month.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 23-Dec-16 20:15:03

The BBC radio chronicles of narnia is great as its dramatised.

Bigfatpicnic Fri 23-Dec-16 20:17:27

I second Cabin Pressure, it is so very very funny. You won't regret that purchase.😀
The Tent, the bucket and me
Alan Carr autobiography
Danny Baker autobiography
Adrian Mole
Bridget Jones

The Last Anniversary
What Alice Forgot

HopefulHamster-do you have any other recommendations for humour books?

PhoenixRisingSlowly Fri 30-Dec-16 09:33:21

This year on Audible I have enjoyed:
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
Anything by Sarah Waters narrated by Juanita McMahon

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