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Love in the time of cholera, opinions?

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InsaneDame Sun 27-Nov-16 08:24:36

I've just started reading this, I'm not sure I like the writing style or anything much of what has happened so far. Any lovers out there?

cheeseoverchocolate Sun 27-Nov-16 12:39:35

I really enjoyed it but I agree it is a style you either love or hate. Have you read anything else by Marquez? If you disliked his other works it is safe to say you won't enjoy this one imo.

user1471950254 Sun 27-Nov-16 13:36:09

Love it! I cry every time

auberginesrus Fri 02-Dec-16 09:30:49

Love it too, but you do need to get accustomed to the style - worth persevering with it would say. I've read a number of GGM books and this is my favourite. One Hundred Years of Solitude also excellent, but don't attempt without a copy of the family tree to refer back to - not a book I would read on Kindle!

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