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Books for parenting 8 year olds

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newandimproved Mon 12-Feb-07 13:16:41

Hi there,
I've got books about toddler taming, books about teenage understanding, but I don't have any books to help me with my eight year old. does anybody have any suggestions? I'd rather have a recommendation than browse Amazon.

cruisemum1 Mon 12-Feb-07 14:37:17

you don't need a book. Just drink wine

Posey Mon 12-Feb-07 14:39:40

There's a book called "Tweens" or "Tweenies", sorry not sure which, that is aimed at the 8-12 age group. Haven't read it (though I will when I get my self organised) and it has been recommended by a couple of friends and some on here too I think.

gingermonkey Mon 12-Feb-07 14:54:04

It's called 'Talking to Tweenies, getting it right before it gets rocky with your 8-12 year old' by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer.
Someone on mumsnet recommended to me and I bought it and read it and it's very, very good.

Fattytwoshoes Mon 12-Feb-07 14:55:03

ohh i think i'll have to get that !!

cruisemum1 Mon 12-Feb-07 15:04:42

don't forget the wine...

gingermonkey Tue 13-Feb-07 11:07:40

I find gin very effective too

newandimproved Tue 27-Feb-07 18:17:40

Thanks everyone! Going to take the wine, and gin advice very seriously. But possibly on separate occasions!

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