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Laura Blundy - Julie Myerson SPOILER (hopefully)

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Clarinet60 Sat 10-Feb-07 11:58:26

I've just finished it, very, very moving - but please could somebody explain it to me?

(She's a great writer - I'm sure it's just me being thick.)

Clarinet60 Sun 11-Feb-07 10:56:30

Nobody else has read it?

Clarinet60 Tue 13-Feb-07 12:55:20


deweydell Tue 13-Feb-07 20:16:55

Yes, I read it ages ago. Shall I say what I think?

Clarinet60 Wed 14-Feb-07 13:03:57

yes please deweydell - thank goodness!

deweydell Wed 14-Feb-07 21:21:33

So (and I really read this YEARS ago like in 1997) but she's a ghost. Is that what you mean? She's a ghost narrating it, the one with the leg missing.

Clarinet60 Fri 16-Feb-07 11:12:05

Yes, but so does that mean that she didn't really sleep with her own son and didn't really kill her husband? So was the whole of the book up till then a dream/fantasy? Sorry, you probably can't remember.

Clarinet60 Wed 21-Feb-07 09:50:22


Clarinet60 Wed 21-Feb-07 09:51:00

I might write to the author. Has anyone else done that?

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