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Books on a par of One Day

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mummarichardson Wed 26-Oct-16 21:45:45

Was looking at my book case seeing if their was anything worth reading again and saw One Day.

Recently been on a run of lots of psychological thrillers and really fancy a bit of romance that isn't pure trash.

I LOVED One Day it is one of my most favourite love stories think it's the whole premise of the best friends finally getting together.

I have never found anything as good that has made me feel the same way (I remember reading the end and sobbing).

Anyone read anything that they could recommend?

EverySongbirdSays Wed 26-Oct-16 23:25:55

I did not like One Day in the least but if you are looking for romance or weepy type novels :

Time Travelers Wife
The Versions Of Us
The Light Between Oceans
My Antonia
The Gilead Trilogy by Marilynne Robinson (Gilead, Home, Lila)

ChessieFL Thu 27-Oct-16 19:29:22

I loved One Day and second the recommendation for The Versions of Us

TheEternalForever Fri 28-Oct-16 13:33:59

Where Rainbows End/Love Rosie is another romance where the best friends spend years apart and finally end up together. It's been made into a film. In fact, Cecelia Ahern (I think is the author) writes a lot of that type of thing so maybe check her out. The Time Traveller's Wife is another book in that kind of vein.

Sijeunessesavait Fri 28-Oct-16 18:59:56

Miss You by Kate Eberlen is brilliant, with echoes of One Day

Thirtyrock39 Sun 30-Oct-16 21:32:17

Blood sugar by Suzanna Dunn is brilliant and more about friendship than romance but does the one chapter = one year thing starting in 1981 it's one of my favourite ever books but not well known

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