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The Three

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jojogoesbust Tue 11-Oct-16 16:38:07

Anyone else read this? im about 3/4 through it and nothing has gripped me as promised yet? sad

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Stardustlady Sun 16-Oct-16 03:58:27

Sorry but it doesn't get any better. I thought it very tedious and the ending unsatisfying. A shame as the premise was very good.

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 16-Oct-16 04:05:21

I loved it. Found the multiple narrative/oral tradition style effective. But if you aren't enjoying it by now, I'm not sure you will. There's a very different book called Day Four that is a sequel but not. Again, I loved it but others have found her to be marmite.

jojogoesbust Sun 16-Oct-16 08:46:23

Yea I finished it now. Very disappointing. Ending was the same. I have got the four too. But have started a different book

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SprogletsMum Sun 16-Oct-16 08:51:39

I read this and was a bit puzzled by it. I couldn't put it down but I'm not sure why because it never really got good.

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