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Girl at War by Sara Novik

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Marmite17 Sat 01-Oct-16 14:40:52

I usually read lightweight thrillers but am half way through this book and blown away. Utterly brilliant. I've included a link which can introduce the book far better than I can.

TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Sat 01-Oct-16 14:53:23

Oh wow, I really enjoyed this but found it quite heavy going in places!

Marmite17 Sat 01-Oct-16 15:07:13

Had to keep stopping to think. I remember the images of refugees during the war, and was struck by the pragmatism of a child experiencing what was going on. The fact that, as an adult reader, you could understand the bigger picture made me feel quite emotional at times. Beautifully written and nutrient rich, if that makes sense. No wasted words.

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