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Robin Hobb Fitz and the Fool *Warning: SPOILERS*

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TooExtraImmatureCheddar Wed 07-Sep-16 16:31:00

On advice from MN I have spent the last few weeks devouring Robin Hobb's oeuvre. I have read the first Fitz trilogy (liked book 1, loved book 2, and got lost in the interminable travelling in book 3), the Liveship Traders (better), the Tawny Man (which I loved) and the Rain Wild Chronicles (which I also loved). I am now on book 1 of Fitz and the Fool, Fool's Assassin, and I'm getting steadily more pissed off.


Why on earth has Fitz not worked out immediately who the Unexpected Child is? Especially given the dream journalling and Bee's faded-almost-albino looks? Why has he not sussed that Shun's father is obviously Chade? Why did he go and stab the Fool - he behaved like a psychopath, whereas in the Tawny Man trilogy he spent a lot of time musing on how NOT to be a psychopathic assassin and how he was going to stop killing people. Why didn't he just grab Bee back first and then see whether stabbing was appropriate? Why is he so hung up on Molly given that she has/had no personality whatsoever and I can't see what attracts him other than "she was really hot when we were young, and then I knocked her up and she's the mother of my child" - she has zero character traits other than getting a bit annoyed with Fitz occasionally. If Robin Hobb had included any actual conversations other than 'you're so hot, let's shag/Not before marriage/But I can't marry you because bastard prince, so let's just shag/OK then' in the first trilogy I might feel differently. Also, Fitz keeps moaning about how the Fool just abandoned him without a backward glance, pausing only very occasionally to remember that oh yeah, the Fool did come looking for me and I was, you know, missing in a pillar and believed dead. So not really his fault that he hasn't been sending messages to a dead man.

If I am wrong about any of these assumptions (I'm about 90% of the way through the book) then I will be very happy, because right now they seem TOTALLY OBVIOUS. <stops shouting and breathes>

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