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Mount by Jilly Cooper

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FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 06-Sep-16 23:28:05

just finished it, anyone else reading it?

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TooExtraImmatureCheddar Wed 07-Sep-16 16:08:53

Is it out??? <dashes to Amazon>

PanGalacticGargleBlaster Wed 07-Sep-16 16:09:32

I'm on bloody holiday and can't sync my damn kindle!!!!!!

SweetChickadee Wed 07-Sep-16 16:10:05

Is that a new one? Is it any good?

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Wed 07-Sep-16 16:10:16

It's not out until tomorrow! How did you manage to snaffle a copy?

PanGalacticGargleBlaster Wed 07-Sep-16 16:11:59

Thought it was out on 10th?

SorrelForbes Wed 07-Sep-16 16:13:06

The Amazon site says it's out on the 8th and available for pre-order.

chipsandpeas Wed 07-Sep-16 16:19:02

Ooo will need to check the kindle tonight for it downloading

sleepyhead Wed 07-Sep-16 16:25:40

I pre-ordered it for Kindle and my account is saying it'll be available tomorrow. Can't wait!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Wed 07-Sep-16 16:36:04

Can we discuss it on this thread with spoilers once we've all read it? Oh goody, I have tomorrow afternoon off to take DD to the doctor!

iPost Wed 07-Sep-16 16:40:42


The hardcover is priced at

And the paperback, while much cheaper, isn't out until March.

I loved everything she wrote until Wicked, that I pushed myself through. But gave up halfway through a jump cos... found it pretty unreadable.

Based on that, in your opinion, is it worth the price tag of the hardback cos it's one of her worth having NOW! Or more one worth sucking up the wait for and saving the hard earned cash ?

Really hoping you are going to tell me to buy it now. I would love to read Jilly back on form with RCB at the forefront no less.

iPost Wed 07-Sep-16 16:43:30

Should read.. the hardcover is pricey at Amazon . it

southeastdweller Wed 07-Sep-16 17:25:19

I saw copies yesterday in Waterstones selling for half price.

BestIsWest Wed 07-Sep-16 17:55:32

Got my copy today. Not started yet. Hope it's better than the last two. I love Jilly so much.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 07-Sep-16 19:26:17

It was in Waterstones on Monday half price, better than last two, not as good as first two and no spoilers yet grin

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iPost Wed 07-Sep-16 19:44:27

better than last two

That's good enough for me.

<wanders off to in cheerful mood>

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 08-Sep-16 07:38:22

It has just arrived on my kindle ! grin

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Thu 08-Sep-16 08:15:50

Mine too!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Thu 08-Sep-16 09:29:54

Blimey. Old Eddie's behaviour in the old folks' home...I am shock and especially because Taggie thinks it's funny!

TheOptimisticPessimist Thu 08-Sep-16 09:32:15


<runs off to buy>

PanGalacticGargleBlaster Thu 08-Sep-16 19:25:51

So far I'm enjoying it.

However. I am quite pissed and on holiday.

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 09-Sep-16 14:08:06

When can we discuss spoilers?

venusinscorpio Fri 09-Sep-16 14:09:51

Ooh am off on holiday next week, will have to get this!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Fri 09-Sep-16 15:02:20

I am quite enjoying it too, with exception of the bits about Etta, who is a total drip.

Yes, can we discuss spoilers yet?

BestIsWest Fri 09-Sep-16 15:07:30

I can't stand Etta either, or Dora.

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