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What Are You Reading? Feb 07

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suedonim Thu 01-Feb-07 15:45:53

So what are you reading, to start the new month? I'm reading 'Notes On A Scandal' by Zoe Heller. I found it hard to get into but am doing a bit better now. It won't be on my list of all time faves unless something amazing happens, though!

Bink Thu 01-Feb-07 15:50:51

Simon Ings, Weight of Numbers

David Mitchell-like. Ambitious, and can carry it off. Intriguing bit about a nineteen-year-old girl who'd like to do her (secretarial) bit for the war effort in 1939/40 London - rather better than analogous colour in Sarah Waters (I think).

Actually, so far it's really good: and better than all those Booker books I ploughed through.

Marina Thu 01-Feb-07 15:53:05

<marina pricks up ears at bink's recommendation>
Suedonim, I have a snap of one-year old dd pawing my copy of Notes on A Scandal and about to start is worth staying with.
Maybe its literary excellence compared with her early featherbrained Polly Filla columns skewed my judgement...

wheelybug Thu 01-Feb-07 15:53:24

The closed circle... Fine so far..

Dophus Thu 01-Feb-07 15:54:06

Must say I didn't lik notes on a scandal.

Just finished 'The Kite runner' best book I';ve read for years.

Now reading '2001: a space odessey'

Steward Thu 01-Feb-07 15:55:23

The Innocent Man by John Grisham. It is a non Fiction book, whic is unlike the author. Good so far

Rumpel Thu 01-Feb-07 15:56:53

The Devil wears Prada - have dislodged my brain due to giving birth and need to read without having to go find my brain as yet!

expatinscotland Thu 01-Feb-07 15:57:39

Scotland's Past in Action series: Spinning and Weaving.

tenbygirl Thu 01-Feb-07 16:00:57

I've just ordered a few more Robert Goddard books and Hullabalo in The Guava Orchard.

Also got Jeremy Clarkson's "Born To Be Riled" as its meant to be funny.

brimfull Thu 01-Feb-07 16:02:40

Dophus-I loved The Kite Runner,quite upsetting in places though.
I'm currently reading Wilkie Collins' Woman In white and loving it.

paulaplumpbottom Thu 01-Feb-07 16:03:10

The Goldilocks Enigma: Why the universe is just right for life by Paul Davies

aDad Thu 01-Feb-07 16:03:19

not far into 'The Island'. I know it got panned on here but I actually asked for it as a present before I knew that, so now I feel obliged to read it.

I've been to tired to read a single page for the last few weeks though anyway!

aDad Thu 01-Feb-07 16:03:49

* too tired. (see, i am)

Dophus Thu 01-Feb-07 16:07:50


I read whilst pregnant the tears didn't stop flowing. Doubly embarrassing as I was on a plane at the time but couldn't put it down.

sophiewd Thu 01-Feb-07 16:10:32

Watch me disappear - very different who dunnit

Bink Thu 01-Feb-07 16:12:13

And when I've finished that I've got Cornelia Funke's Thief Lord awaiting. I do like a solidly good children's novel (though Leon Garfield's Smith was a disappointment. I could do better, I thought. Should re-read Holborn Jack, though, that's the one that peopled my dreams with wonderfully wildly scary stuff)

suedonim Thu 01-Feb-07 16:17:36

Marina It must be good teething fodder! I quite liked some of her columns. The ones she did around 9/11 were very good.

I'm finding it useful to see what others are reading. As I don't have much access to the literary scene out here it's quite bewildering to go back to the UK and wander into a book shop, to be confronted by loads of books I've never heard of! How to sort the wheat from the chaff.

BTw, what happened to Ottakers??? The one in Aberdeen is now a Waterstones - a buy-out?

Marina Thu 01-Feb-07 16:18:51

Buyout. They are taking over the world .
I agree her 9/11 stuff was excellent but I am talking about her really early stuff - she just seemed so daffy!

fennel Thu 01-Feb-07 16:21:19

"The no 1 ladies detective agency". Only a few years behind everyone else in my reading schedule.

Just finished "Never let me go" (Kazuo Ishiguro) - really enjoyed it.

suedonim Thu 01-Feb-07 16:23:55

Ah right, I'm not sure if I've read those. She is a bit of an airhead at times anyway but I liked her for her benign neglect of her daughter while all in New York were feverishly hot-housing their DC. Does she still write a column?

brimfull Thu 01-Feb-07 16:24:56

sue-I just finished Notes On a Scandal,found it mediocre tbh,can't believe they've made a film of it....not much happens except loads of deep seated emotional turmoil.

indignatio Thu 01-Feb-07 16:29:27

Arthur and George - Julian Barnes - just finished - loved it
Notes on a Scandal - I enjoyed the dark side

suedonim Thu 01-Feb-07 17:22:47

Fennel, I've just read 'No1' as well. I can't get any of the others out here so will have to wait until I get home at Easter.

Waterstones. I don't really like them. I don't know what it is but they just don't feel friendly - maybe it's all the black shelving. But the old Ottakers feels different now it's Waterstones, even though the only things that have changed are the sign outside and the labelling on the shelves. Weird.

DimpledThighs Thu 01-Feb-07 17:47:27

have just started the kite runner so happy to see it got good reviews on here. Also reading the Z war.

I liked note on a scandal - not loved - liked.

suedonim Thu 01-Feb-07 19:37:12

The Kite Runner is a memorable book, definitely. It was one of those books which I could visualise very well. I'm surprised that hasn't been made into a flim.

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