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Best classics

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Arcadia Fri 26-Aug-16 15:00:02

I am doing the 50 book challenge this year and as I am on track, but largely contemporary stuff, I now want to incorporate a couple of 'classics'. I want books that are not too long, and don't want to feel like it is 'hard work' ploughing through for the sake of it. Any recommendations?

TodaysAGoodDay Fri 26-Aug-16 21:41:42

I enjoyed ''Frankenstein'', '' Animal Farm'' and ''Hound of the Baskervilles'', all good and relatively short.

ChessieFL Fri 26-Aug-16 22:20:10

Of Mice and Men is very short!

InsaneDame Sat 27-Aug-16 08:27:35

Animal Farm is a good suggestion. I like Jane Eyre and heard The Moonstone is good.

NuggetofPurestGreen Sat 27-Aug-16 08:34:57

Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

niminypiminy Sat 27-Aug-16 08:40:56

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - RL Stevenson
The Picture of Dorian Grey - Oscar Wilde
Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
The Time Machine H G Wells
Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
Good Morning Midnight - Jean Rhys
The Lifted Veil - George Eliot
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

All great books, all short.

PurpleWithRed Sat 27-Aug-16 08:41:22

Jayne Austin (any but Emma my favourite); The Hobbit; My Cousin Rachel or Rebecca (Daphne duMaurier). Grapes of Wrath.

Marmighty Sat 27-Aug-16 08:43:57

Rebecca is a gripping modern classic

InsaneDame Sat 27-Aug-16 09:43:47

Oh yes - Rebecca is good. I enjoyed Jamaica Inn too.

evilgiraffe Sat 27-Aug-16 11:17:08

Pretty much any HG Wells - his writing style is very readable and his books aren't too long. Ditto John Wyndham (The Day of the Triffids is superb).

Pride and Prejudice is also quite an easy classic and very enjoyable.

It depends on your taste really though, I find Dickens very hard work. Even though I often enjoy the story, the effort required takes away from that.

Ohlalala Sat 27-Aug-16 13:10:17

Second Frankenstein , animal farm and of mice and men
The old man and the sea
The awakening
Catcher in the rye
Robinson Crusoe
Gulliver's travels

RomanRita Sat 27-Aug-16 14:27:37

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell. Under 200 pages and an entertaining read - well...I think so!
Anything by Jane Austen, particularly Persuasion.

mando12345 Sat 27-Aug-16 14:30:54

I'll second Cranford, a real page turner, thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also love most Daphne du Maurier and John Wydham, don't know whether I would class them as proper classics as they are very easy reads!

Arcadia Sun 28-Aug-16 16:41:29

Thanks all, will work my way through some of those. Even better if free to download on the kindle. I was tempted to try the old Sherlock Holmes one. I may also revisit a jane Austen, and I haven't heard of that George Elliot one. Will also revisit of mice and men. I read a lot of classics when I was younger but am sure I would get more out of them as an adult with a different perspective.

wizzywig Sun 28-Aug-16 16:45:44

Are you getting these in libraries/ kindles/:amazon?

Arcadia Sun 28-Aug-16 16:51:03

A mixture wizzywig, also charity shops and what friends and relatives have lying around.

wizzywig Sun 28-Aug-16 16:54:26

Just tried googling this. Its not the michael gove 50 books a year thing is it?

FinnegansCake Sun 28-Aug-16 17:00:10

A Room with a View

The Grapes of Wrath

Animal Farm

fatowl Sun 28-Aug-16 17:00:30

I'd recommend Rebecca - I just re-read it.

If you listen to Audible books - try Dickens from there, but there are usually several versions, read the narrator reviews

I've re-read some children's classics recently -Treasure Island, The Secret Garden

IBelieveTheEarthIsFlat Sun 28-Aug-16 17:00:36

Les Liaisons dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos is bloody great. Sex, lies, betrayal and intrigue - Fab

I recently saw 1984 in the theatre. Read it years ago and had forgotten how brilliant and utterly terrifying it is.

Arcadia Sun 28-Aug-16 17:13:45

Please do not mention he who shall not be named in my thread wizzywig wink no nothing to do with the government! it is actually a goodreads thing and there are threads on here about the books people are reading for it.

Lightbulbon Sun 28-Aug-16 17:15:31

I'm not a reader but I managed pride and prejudice easily.

Don't know if this counts but stepford wives is very short and can be finished in 2 hours.

Arcadia Sun 28-Aug-16 17:36:59

Stepford wives looks good - might try downloading that! Has anyone read day of the triffids?

wizzywig Sun 28-Aug-16 17:40:34

Apologies arcadia

evilgiraffe Sun 28-Aug-16 18:04:05

I suggested Triffids upthread, OP. It is a masterpiece.

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