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Happy/uplifting books

(7 Posts)
michelle303 Tue 16-Aug-16 08:52:42

After seeing a thread about sad books that make you cry, I was wondering if anyone can recommend some happy/uplifting books that make you feel good/inspired?

Michelle smile

cmsconfused Fri 19-Aug-16 21:04:48


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Any Jane Austen

MunchCrunch01 Mon 22-Aug-16 19:05:56

Jilly cooper - I can't help but be cheered by her books even if some of the plots are questionable

AllThePrettySeahorses Tue 23-Aug-16 08:10:08

Caitlin Moran's How To Build A Girl.

Pretty much anything by Terry Pratchett, especially Monstrous Regiment, Men At Arms, Witches Abroad and Lords And Ladies.

mrssmiling Tue 23-Aug-16 09:17:06

Another vote for Miss Pettigrew - lovely! Persephone Books have lots of wonderful books....
If you look at the page about perfect presents there are recommendations for 'someone who needs cheering up' - have read them all and would recommend. 'Miss Buncle's Book' is a favourite.
I just read 'The Improbability of Love' by Hannah Rothschild and thoroughly enjoyed it - reminded me a bit of Jilly Cooper.

michelle303 Tue 23-Aug-16 09:37:34

Some great suggestions here - thanks! :D

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