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Just discovered I like romance! Could you recommend some to me please?

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AlaskanSnow Fri 15-Jul-16 20:57:30

I usually read crime/thriller/mystery books, but a friend suggested I read the Rock Chick series by Kirsten Ashley as she said they were quite funny.

I read the whole series in a matter of days, and loved them!

So, as I have no idea who else to look at, could you make some suggestions. I did try some of her other series, but they were a bit drippy. although the unfinished heroes ones were more raunchy, which I didn't mind but there was only 5 of them and they didn't have the same humor/action as the Rock Chick series.

I still like a bit of tension/action if possible.


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iamEarthymama Mon 18-Jul-16 05:55:36

I have a secret passion for Nora Roberts, she, along with Georgette Heyer, is my comfort read when life is hard. 😉 Lots of romance, but not in a 'She hated him, but now she loves him' way, more a 'can life change to include this' style.

There are various types, some are stories set over several books, family sagas, supernatural vibes. There are stand alone books, often with a crime element.

The early ones are a bit M&B, but I like the fact that people are nice to one another.

As JD Robb she writes crime fiction set late in C21st New York. They are have a high dose of romance and good characters

One thing that makes me smile is that no-one ever really struggles with money or the everyday petty realities that grind us down.
A real dose of escapism.

(I can't believe I have spent so long talking about NR!)

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