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The Wicked Boy

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ApricotSorbet99 Mon 11-Jul-16 16:34:07

I've just finished this, really enjoyed it so thought I'd post a quick recommendation.

It's by Kate Summerscale who wrote The Suspicions of Mr Whicher and it's in the same vein as that - Victorian true crime.

It's about a 13 year old boy who killed his mother - and it follows him through his life with a very unexpected ending.

It's absolutely jam packed with period detail and paints very vivid portraits of certain aspects of life back then....I can't be more speciifc because even saying which aspects would be a spoiler.

Fascinating - really well researched and written. Loved it.

Btw....can't recommend the audio version. I started with that and had to send it back within a chapter because the narrator sounded like he was reading the news.

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Jul-16 13:58:08

Hi just to say, we're doing a Q&A with the author Kate Summerscale so feel free to head over there to ask her a question! Post by next Tuesday

Cummiac Fri 15-Jul-16 08:06:52

Have enjoyed what I've read so far but, as I'm on holiday in the sun, I am going to switch to something lighter! I look forward to returning to it when I can give it my full attention.

JacquelineChan Fri 15-Jul-16 10:31:14

i am about half way through doesn't make for light reading but saying that i am enjoying it. Mainly because these events took place within streets of where i grew up .... about 150 years previously i should add !

it's like a secret history because i had never heard of these events even though it was so local.

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