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Anyone use goodreads?

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tobee Thu 07-Jul-16 13:36:58

I've been a member of goodreads for a while now but never really know if I'm using it right. I think I expected it would help me choose what to read next, give me leads on new books, better reviews etc. What should I be using it for? How? I feel like I can't navigate the site properly. Or is it just not all that?

cdtaylornats Thu 07-Jul-16 13:45:21

Those are the things you should use it for.

You need to set up the genres you are interested in and check the recommendations. If you look under the Browse heading you will find Recommendations, you will also find New Releases.

You should also see a section there called All Genres - if you select this you can select the genres you want recommendations for.

tobee Thu 07-Jul-16 13:55:16

Thanks for the swift reply! I stuck down books I could remember ever having read when I first signed up. Probably a bit too random. When the genre recommendations come up they tend to be very generally. I keep hoping they would be some ways to filter stuff. But can't find anyway. A bit more probing questions. I know that other (non book sites ) can do this.

tobee Thu 07-Jul-16 13:55:55

*very general not very generally.

fatowl Fri 08-Jul-16 11:27:38

I'm a member but also don't think I use it correctly either.
I love reading other people's reviews though - I should make more of an effort , I'd get more out of it

ChessieFL Fri 08-Jul-16 15:23:21

I use it to keep track of what I've read and to look at reviews of books I fancy but that's all. I don't find the recommendations it gives useful.

tobee Fri 08-Jul-16 15:25:54

Maybe I'm just expecting too much.but it looked it was going to deliver more. I've just had a run of starting books and finding that I've given up on them. I probably want the impossible - a site that can read my mind!

Alfieisnoisy Fri 08-Jul-16 15:34:40

I use it and in exactly the same way as you. If I have especially enjoyed a book I write a review.

ThinkPinkStink Fri 08-Jul-16 15:48:22

Like Chessie I largely use it to log books I've read and add the odd review.

It was useful to me a year or so ago when I set myself a challenge to read 50 books in the year.

tobee Fri 08-Jul-16 15:48:27

I was sure when I originally signed up it was coz I'd googled " what book shall I read next?" And it promised me some clever device that worked out some suggestions but then I could never find where that was on the site. Or is my memory failing me?

cdtaylornats Fri 08-Jul-16 17:27:36

This is a screen shot of Goodreads recommendations

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 08-Jul-16 21:27:48

I use it to find novels in a chosen genre (lots of lists) and to read reviews of books I'm dithering about.

Also helpful if you have part of a title or author name or something and are looking for something particular.

tobee Sat 09-Jul-16 12:19:50

Thank you!

gailforce1 Sat 09-Jul-16 20:19:54

Join the Book Vipers, there are several MNs on there and they have monthly book reads.

TaraCarter Sun 10-Jul-16 15:17:38

Goodreads is just for showing off your highbrow reading choices to your mates, innit?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 14-Jul-16 17:48:54

I use it to keep track of which books I've read too but I find this site much better for recommendations.

tobee Thu 14-Jul-16 23:20:29

Oh thanks, Jilted. ! If it is for showing off to mates, Tara, I've not done very well because I've put down lots of daft books I read as a teenager!

MermaidofZennor Fri 15-Jul-16 06:04:22

I tend to use Goodreads for keeping track of my books, storing them in different shelves/categories which does also help to improve the Goodreads recommendations. I've joined groups in the past, was one of the original moderators for Book Vipers which formed from a small group of MN members but which quickly expanded. Am not in the group any more but still have quite a few Goodreads friends from there (and elsewhere).

You can treat Goodreads like Facebook and collect friends based on similar reading interests and get recommendations that way too, and follow reviewers and authors of books you like.

MermaidofZennor Fri 15-Jul-16 06:14:15

Also meant to add that I am searchable by my MN NN on Goodreads, if you want to have a look at my bookshelves for book suggestions or send a friend request.

TaraCarter Fri 15-Jul-16 23:00:35

<takes sharp intake of breath>

Oh nooo, no Tobee, you didn't! I hope you haven't put Sweet Valley High on there. grin

puffylovett Sun 17-Jul-16 00:03:49

What's wrong with sweet valley high?


tobee Sun 17-Jul-16 20:02:53

Ah, think I'm a bit old for Sweet Valley High being around in my teens by the looks of it on amazon.

tobee Sun 17-Jul-16 20:09:59

Thanks Mermaid. I tried to do that but couldn't work out how to do so! (Search you that is)

MermaidofZennor Sun 17-Jul-16 21:43:47

tobee - If you follow this link from the main Goodreads site (not app) it should take you to the place where you can search and add friends, and you can do this for your Facebook and Twitter friends as well on there. It has taken me a while to get to grips with Goodreads but now I like reading the various newsletters and blogs and finding out what's new out there.

tobee Wed 20-Jul-16 19:21:09

Thanks, Mermaid. I'm very impressed by your organisation and interesting to see.

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