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MyIronLung Thu 07-Jul-16 00:32:04

I'm 20% in and I'm really struggling to keep track of who everyone is. Theres so many flippin' monks!

Does this matter? Is not really having a clue about who is who going to ruin the book for me?
This is bothering me more than it should hence the post at silly o clock!

MermaidofZennor Thu 07-Jul-16 06:54:41

Has been a while since I read it but I don't remember being confused by all the monks, although being in a Monastery there are quite a few grin Guy is an important one. Brilliant series - hope you start to enjoy it more. Sovereign and Revelation are my favourites, where the stories move at a really fast pace.

MyIronLung Thu 07-Jul-16 14:32:01

Thanks mermaid. I'm definitely enjoying it and I know who Guy is so I think I'll be fine 😀. I've already got the next two books so I'd better get a move on! 😀

HappydaysArehere Mon 11-Jul-16 09:42:03

Please don't give up. These books get even better as they continue. Loved them all. My favourites are probably Revelation, Heartstone and Lamentation.

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