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Have you read any of these recently? Suitable for 13-year-old DD?

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Applesagain Tue 05-Jul-16 19:55:47

My just turned 13-year-old DD has been perusing the (not particularly large!) selection of books at our local supermarket, and liked the look of all of the books listed below. However, I am conscious that they are books written for adults and so may contain material that is not suitable for a just turned 13-year-old who is a good reader but quite young for her age and impressionable. Have any MNers read any of the following recently enough to know whether they have content that would be unsuitable for a just turned 13-year-old? As well as wanting to avoid books that are too adult in terms of sexual content, I would also want to avoid anything with really graphic violence, as I know that my DD is likely to picture anything she reads really vividly. TIA!

The Missing, C L Taylor
Summer Secrets, Jane Green
Letters to my Husband, Stephanie Butland
The Secrets of Happiness, Lucy Diamond
The Solomon Curse, Clive Cussler

athousandsplendidsuns Tue 05-Jul-16 19:57:20

I would stay away from the missing for a thirteen year old personally, it would have upset me at that age. Not read the others.

Applesagain Tue 05-Jul-16 19:58:19

Will do. Thank you.

Thebookswereherfriends Tue 05-Jul-16 20:12:55

I've not read that Jane Green, but have others and she is generally fairly innocuous, although the blurb from that one talks about a heavy partying 20 year old. The secrets of happiness sounds ok, deals with family differences.
At 13 I was reading a lot of Danielle Steel with a few Sven Hassel (really not suitable for 13year olds) I turned out ok! As long it's not really violent or sexual I would't worry too much.

Applesagain Tue 05-Jul-16 23:05:50

Thank you. I remember the Flowers in the Attic series of books being the in thing when I was a teenager. Not sure whether they were really suitable for anyone grin

Papergirl1968 Tue 05-Jul-16 23:41:14

I read the Lucy Diamond one recently, and it seemed OK for a young teen.
Am reading the Jane Green one now. I'm not very far in but the main character is an alcoholic.
I think at that age I was just starting to try Victoria Holt and Danielle Steel.
Has she tried the Young Adult section of the library?
Milly johnson's books are chick lit, but pretty mild, if that's what she's into. Or Harriet Evans.
Or what about something like Nicholas Evans - the Horse Whisperer etc?

Applesagain Wed 06-Jul-16 23:25:29

Thanks Papergirl. I'd be interested to know your views on the Jane Green one once you've finished it. I wouldn't necessarily consider a book unsuitable just because it has a character who is an alcoholic.

Papergirl1968 Wed 13-Jul-16 23:28:18

Finished it, Apples, and there is a lot of drinking in it. It's not just the main character who is an alcoholic, but several others too.
For all that though, it isn't a heavy book, and does have a happy ending.
The main character has a 13-year-old daughter which your dd might identify with, and the descriptions of Nantucket would probably appeal to her.
I don't think it would encourage an impressionable teen to start drinking, in fact it might even put them off as the message is very much that alcoholism wrecks lives.

pointythings Sat 16-Jul-16 22:03:03

I haven't read any of those, but my 13yo DD is currently reading Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'. She's a nerd, though.

We tend not to censor anything unless it is really dark and violent - I will read it first, talk about it and then come to a joint decision. There have been a few books that we have set aside for a year or so.

puffylovett Sat 16-Jul-16 23:51:46

I was reading Clive cussler at 13, raise the titanic etc. Lots of action, teeny bit of nookie but not explicit. Haven't read that one, but they're usually good fun smile

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